To See or Not to See…

Aug 13, 2012 to the Present
(Notice the dates…We’ve been here more than a month.)

Roanoke Rapids, NC
RV Resort at Carolina Crossroads sites P32 and P24

We made it to Roanoke Rapids to spend some time visiting with family and to get new glasses for Gin.  As it’s worked out, she didn’t get new glasses but we’ve enjoyed time here with family.  This is a nice park with FHU and the monthly rates are nice.  The daily rates are a bit high but it’s close to Mom and Gin’s parents who live in Rocky Mount.  Here’s the entry and office which has a nice laundry and bathhouse.
Entry Sign  Office at RV Resort

There’s also a Rally Room in the office building.  They have some kind of rv rally here at least once a month.  Here’s our site and the swimming pool that we’ve enjoyed.  We slid down the slide some but no bathing suit pics of us will ever appear on this blog.
RV Resort at Carolina Crossroads site P32  Pool and Pavillion at RV Resort

When we first got here, Gin went to the eye doctor to get new glasses.  Well, they wouldn’t even dilate her eyes because the fluid pressure was too high.  An appointment was made in four weeks time to have laser surgery to correct this problem (angle closure glaucoma) so we just enjoyed the time here with family.  We stayed with Gin’s folks some and enjoyed afternoons with my mom several times.  Gin’s folks have put their MH in a park near Emerald Isle so we spent a few nights with them there.  It rained the whole time but we enjoyed it any way.  We drove over the bridge and walked out on the pier between sprinkles.
View over the Bridge  View from the Bridge
View from Bogue Inlet Pier  View from Bogue Inlet Pier

We have definitely gone off of our diets this past month but we’ll get back on it soon.  Mom is quite active considering that she’s 84 years old.  One of the things she likes to do on Friday nights is take a couple of her more senior friends out to eat.  We joined them a couple of times and I drove her car.  I refer to it as “driving a bouquet of daisies” after that movie with Morgan Freeman and Jessica Tandy.  Here’s Miss Elizabeth, Lucille, Mom and me after giving them a tour of our home.
Miss Daisies

We will be leaving here in a few days to go to FL.  We have chosen to have our mail forwarding handled there and need to get our domicile established.  Gin returned to the eye doctor to have the laser surgery.  She was the first appointment of the day but still waited over an hour for the doctor.  After looking at her eye with a microscope, he said that the blockage was not total and that there was still fluid circulating around the eye.  She could have her eyes dilated for an exam and glasses.  Then he said that he would do the surgery that day if he had time so he asked his assistant if they had time.  She gave him the look that said “no” and he said to make sure no one dilates her eyes before they check her angles then walked out the door.  The assistant said to make an appointment for next week to get glasses but when checking out, the office said it would be two weeks at the earliest.  Gin felt like she was getting the run around so we will take care of it in FL after getting domiciled there.  Wish her luck.

We’ve managed to do some projects here, well mainly Gin’s done them but I handed her the tools.  After much thought, I’ve decided to cut back on blogging.  We’re just enjoying the little things in life and I’ve never kept a journal before.  I’ll still do a post once in a while when we go or do something really noteworthy and read my favorite blogs.  I seldom leave comments because I often times read them on my phone.  I think I’ll enjoy life better when I don’t find myself thinking “I should put that in the blog” if that makes any sense.  It’s all about freedom.