Some Sweet & Spooky Halloween Art

This is my favorite time of year...well maybe I'm jumping the gun a bit. October is probably more accurate, it being my birthday month. But right now the leaves are starting to change, the nights are getting much cooler, and you gotta start getting your Halloween stuff out. So that's why I wanted to put this post out there. We've got some new and one of a kind Halloween art that we're very excited about. This girl you see above...Holly Holiday...expect her to make appearances all year round, but for now she's all set for All Hallows Eve. She's an original painting and she's actually available over at Spooky Time Jingles. We're thrilled to be a part of it. STJ is an online gallery full of artists who specialize in Holiday art...mainly Halloween and Christmas...hence the name Spooky Time Jingles. And everything at STJ is an original. So go over there if you'd like to grab the original canvas painting of Holly

...or, if you're looking for something more affordable, we've got Holly in our shop as a print mounted on an 8 x 10 wooden plaque and the plaques look absolutely fabulous!
 We've also got some other new seasonal stuff available in our shop. Scroll down to check those out.

We've got some classic old school Halloween cat toppers and we just had to do a painting showcasing one of 'em. We made prints of our original painting and mounted them to square wooden plaques. They look perfect (the pic you see here has rounded corners but our plaques now have squared off corners.)...the prints are totally equal to the original painting. Find it here.

"Party Raven"

You may know our "Well Read Raven"'s one of our faves. Well, we asked Mr. Raven if he'd like to moonlight as a model for our new Halloween painting. We thought he worked perfectly with a party hat...and the aqua ribbon he wears around his neck turned out to be the exact amount of color contrast we were looking for in this otherwise traditional Halloween color scheme. This too is a print mounted on an 8 x 10 wooden plaque. With the party hat, the bunting, and those polka dots...this is one festive little vignette! Find him here.

"Halloween Cupcakes"

"Haunted House Cake"

Two Everyday is a Holiday classics! Back by popular demand. Our "Halloween Cupcakes" and our "Haunted House Cake" both come matted and ready to frame. We do theme cupcakes just like these for just about every holiday and we also have big theme cakes for all year round. It's always a close race between which is our fave to paint...Halloween or Christmas. I honestly cannot commit.

And if you'd like to do some Halloween crafting yourself, we have this super fun collage kit for you! 

A vintage class portrait that we had some witchcrafty fun with.  :)   It comes with detailed instructions and can be made by anyone who possesses even a smidge of the crafting bug. Create with a friend, make a day of it. In the end you'll have a fab piece of wall art that you'll be so very proud of. All you need to supply is a bit of enthusiasm, a pair of scissors, a couple paint brushes, some mod podge (or medium of your choice) and a bit of glue.

kit includes: 
9 x 12 canvas board 
an assortment patterned papers 
watercolor paper 
plastic spider web 
crepe paper 
a print of a vintage hand painted class photo 
rick rack 
paper discs 
school insignia 
detailed instructions

Here's a little video we made to show you a bit more...

I hope these pieces have helped to put you in a festive mood. Bring on the romance of Autumn...the dramatic skies, and colorful foliage, and lots of new layers being added to our wardrobes...this really is MY TIME of year! And again, if you are interested...all of these Spooky & Sweet creations are in the shop now!
Thanks so much for stopping in!
xo, Jenny