let's make an itsy bitsy confetti garland

To say that I am a big fan of confetti is an understatement. Seriously, I love everything about it. Even the word itself...Confetti...isn't it such a fun word? For years we tossed handfuls of pink hearts and gold stars in our boxes when shipping out orders. We'd often get emails from customers letting us know that they cannot stop thinking about us...not just because they love staring at their sweet art hanging in their kitchen but because they and their family have been tracking sparkly hearts through their homes for days! One time when we had a store we sent out a little promotion via snail mail. Inside the envelope we included coupons and a newsletter, and for good measure we'd throw in our usual handful of confetti. Well, a little while after the mailers went out we received a phone call from a very nervous past customer of ours. It turns out that they got an envelope in the mail and the only thing inside the envelope was a handful of confetti. That's right...no coupon...no newsletter...just confetti. They knew the envelope was from us because it said so on the return address. Apparently we lost track of things while we were stuffing the hundreds of envelopes and forgot to include the most important contents. Anyway, this was right around the time of the Ricin and Anthrax scare...when the nation was feeling threatened by something as innocuous as a birthday card in the mail. When on the news they told us to be wary of any powdery substances in envelopes. So, when this customer of ours got an envelope sans everything but a tiny handful of confetti...I guess we could sorta sympathize with her nervousness. The emotional climate of the whole world was wacky at that time...it's gotta be the first and last time that someone feared for their life over some pink glitter and gold stars!

Anyways...confetti! I LOVE it! Don't be scurred! 
I love adding happy little extras to journal pages and thought that an itsy bitsy confetti garland could be an adorable little addition! and I think I was right. :) 

I make paper garlands all the time...to hang from my mantel, or shelves, or over windows. We have paper punches of all shapes and sizes here in the studio and use them often! But this isn't an ordinary paper garland. I like to imagine that the miniature little family of borrowers living in our walls has a crafty daughter who's latest project was influenced by my paper garlands. It really is a perfect scaled down replica of one of my garlands.
For these little paper punch outs I used a classic hole punch. My goal was to make a garland as tiny as possible but the same rules apply no matter what size your garland is.You can use just about any size or shape punch.

Here's what you need for this eeeeasy lil project:

thread or twine ( I used gold thread)
hole punch
assorted pretty papers
modpodge or glue
fine paintbrush or Qtip
 washi tape (to attach garland to journal pages)

Gather up some pretty papers. I used about 10 different colors/patterns. Punch away while watching tv or listening to some good music!

Using a fine tipped paint brush and mod podge, dot each little circle and sandwich a pair around the thread. Spacing evenly as you go...and go, and go, and go.

You could really go for an hour and have a bunch to use in future projects, or you could make just enough for today's journal page. I ended up making a bunch and wrapped my extra garland around a wooden spool for future use. I think I will make a bunch more in different color ways.

Washi tape and confetti are a very happy mix, am I right? Total eye candy!

I cut tiny little rectangles of washi tape to adhere my itsy bitsy garland to my journal pages. I love the FUN it brings to this page! And I love the whole concept of a confetti garland. It's like we tamed the confetti. Confetti is used to running free all over the place...making a pretty mess. But we put it on a tiny leash of gold thread...figuratively and literally keeping it in line!

This page really needed this little pop of FUN don't you think? Now it's ready for some journaling!

I'll be making more of these for sure. In all sorts of color combos...and sizes! I'm planning one with penny sized circles and I think I'll store it wrapped around a TP roll. I'm the kind of crafting weirdo that loves the idea of these sorts of things lined up on shelves. Yes I'm a cheap date. Doesn't take much! :)

I'm thinking of other fun ways to use these garlands. I think they'd be adorable used in gift wrapping.
If you make your own itsy bitsy confetti garland I'd love to see it.

Thanks for popping in! 
Enjoy your Day!
xo Jenny