Friday Favorites

This week was one of the biggest "catch up" weeks ever. I know I sound like a broken record but that power outage was such a stick in the spokes, a kink in the hose, such rain on our parade. We still have sooo much to do and my email inbox is SCARY! I'm trying so hard to chip away at replies. If you have emailed me/us I promise I will get back to you as soon as I can. This weekend will be all about organizing, planning, and preparing for the coming week. I know it sounds weird but I look forward to it. I'm not into question marks...and the more organized you are, the more answers you have.

It's a very pleasant 75 and Sunny with a breeze here on the NJ Shore. The windows are open, and I have my Pumpkin Cupcake candle burning. Aaron just went to ship a batch of orders and I am finishing up a teeny tiny tutorial for tomorrow. Let the weekend begin!

Now for some Friday Favorites...

This dress above is just so incredibly darling. The tiny dots are so sweet and the bands and bows of black are details I'd include if this were a dress on one of our pretty girl paintings. The flowy arms with cuffs are ideal for this perfect weather we're having . Pair it with black tights, along with some platform Mary Janes and you've got a smashing fair weather ensemble.

I most often carry a black bag, with the exception of a pretty aqua one that I just purchased (I'll share that with you soon). When you have pink hair it is actually quite hard to find pinks that work. Most will clash and can end up looking too purpley pink or peachy. So going pink on pink is tough, unless you go for an explosion of pink from head to toe. I mostly wear all black with bits of cream, and pops of aqua, thus letting my hair stand alone. But this bag has me second guessing myself. I just might go for the pink explosion. Isn't it super cute?

The name of this here mouth watering slice of heaven is Triple Chocolate Pumpkin Pie! Could you die? I was introduced to the chocolate/pumpkin combo a few years back. I have to admit that I was hesitant at first, but proved to be a very quick convert. One bite and I was hooked! This recipe is certainly on my Fall baking list!

Ohh I adore this! Everything about it! At one point, ohhh about a decade or so ago, Aaron and I had a decidedly Shabby Chic meets industrial look going on. Our apartment was nearly all white with tans and sepia and greys and lots of metal. We made our curtain rods with conduit piping and used crumply white cotton that we tea stained for curtains, securing them to the rod with metal clips and big metal rings. It was such a fabulous look! This table would have been a perfect fit in that apartment. I think I would have filled it with doll heads, or maybe big seashells in the summer. Nowadays I think I'd keep it in the studio filled to the brim with favorite trims and ribbons and scraps.

And last but not least on this list of Friday Favorites...Paris in Autumn. Need I say more? One day! I vow! One day!

Happy Friday my friends! Wishing you guys a lovely, relaxing, fun weekend!
xo Jenny