Friday Favorites

It's Friday! Hooray!
If only the weekend would bring us a break from this ever recurring heatwave. There's nothing like taking the dogs outside for their morning wee, which takes all of 4 minutes, and coming back inside covered in sweat. Really, it's that hot.

So my parent's visit has come to an end. They packed up a trailer and a truck worth of stuff and began their 6 plus hour drive back to the wilderness. All the stuff they're carting is the belongings they had been storing here in the shed. It's funny, we don't exactly live in a metropolis here in our small town on the shore, but by the end of two days you can see my parents beginning to get that claustrophobic look in the eye. They long for the space and pace of the woods. I'm glad they found their happy place. Good for them.

Ok, now for my Friday Favorites. It's not like I decided on a specific theme but I think the heat has me thinking COOL. And whether COOL is indicated literally, as in ice cream...or figuratively, as in faceted wall's completely by chance.

I just love this dress above. The collar, the pockets, the stripes! Love the details, and pairing of the "chai" and black. If I had some school shopping to do...this would so be on my back to school wish list. Make the outfit complete with some black tights, fab black wedges, and a cardigan for when the library is chilly. ;)

I'm a sucker for faceted candy colored things in general...but these wall clocks just really made me smile! They're high design in sheep's clothing. Complex concepts made to look simple. I love the way they catch the light and almost "digitize" it. They're one solid color but the facets reflect the light and create a full gradient color scale. And they're clocks for Pete's sake! Form and function.

Thanks to pinterest, I have been making "banana ice cream" for about a year now. How had I not done it before? even if on accident? I've made tons of smoothies and shakes with bananas almost always making an appearance in the mix. But it took a pinterest recipe to get me to make bananas into pseudo ice cream. You peel and slice bananas...freeze them...the texture when blended is pretty much ice cream! Now with that as a jump off...the possibilities are endless! Add a little Peanut butter or cocoa powder...some nuts...ahhh!! Crazy right? Yeah it's like once you try will always have frozen banana slices in your freezer!

The above is just genius! Cake Batter "ice cream"! ...which also happens to be vegan for those who are nuts for ice cream but not the requisite dairy. I did not yet make this...I'm posting it as motivation for you and for get crackin' on some delicious cool-off treats!

Why am I so crazy over desk lamps? I feel like I put them right up there with shoes! Is that weird? This one would be so so at home in our studio. LOVE it!

Okay, okay...can you even? ahh!! Yes please! and thank you! A Washi tape printer!! Eeeee!! I remember watching Martha years ago and all she'd talk about is her Brother Ptouch label maker...and I wanted one baaadly! I love little gadgets for making very specific things. This adorable little machine here takes it to a whole new level of CUTE! Art journaling will never be the same! :) Imagine holding a Washi tape factory in the palm of your hand! Santa...are you reading this?

So what's on your agenda for this weekend? Any fun plans? I'd so love to hear!
Whatever you do...have FUN! And keep cool my babies (Conesie)

Love ya!
xo Jenny