Where Are We?

Athens, PA

We left Wilkesboro, NC and wandered north.  After a few days we made it to the PA/NY border to spend some time with Dan and Tricia who are staying on Dan’s family farm.  We were invited to join them for a few days before we all head to Niagra Falls next week.  He grew up in this wonderful setting.  After meeting most of his family, I can understand why he is such a great guy.  Here’s a few shots of the farm.
Susquehanna River is just beyond the treeeline Half way down the Hill
Dan's Family Farm from the Susquehanna Treeline Pauline's House

It was a working dairy farm until shortly after his father passed away in 2001.  His mom, Pauline, leases out the land for crops.  Even though she is in her mid 70’s, she takes care of the yard and gardens.  It’s really beautiful.
Pauline's Flowers More Flowers
Pauline's Garden

We have parked the rv’s between a couple of the barns facing each others patio.  It’s almost like having a private little campground.  Smile
Pauline's Campground Pauline's Campground

It’s been nice meeting most of Dan’s family.  They have made us feel very welcomed here.  Pauline went out of her way on Saturday and had the family over for a homemade pizza dinner.  There was also homemade pie, cake, and ice cream.  Good thing I’m continuing my morning walks (up that hill is tough).  It was all delicious.  I’ve been told that she does this great family dinner get together quite often.  She’s pretty amazing.

The farm land borders the Susquehanna River so I had to walk the corn field to check it out.  Hopefully we can get the SeaEagles out there if it cools off a little bit.
Susquehanna River bordering Dan's Family Farm View Upstream
Cananda Geese waking up across the Susquehanna Susquehanna River is shallow

On Sunday, we drove over to Nichols, NY to Tioga Downs to watch the harness racing.  It was quite interesting to see the horses run with the riders in the sulky (cart).  They throw t-shirts into the crowd between races and I caught one.  Just my size too.

We’ve enjoyed relaxing here and spending time catching up with Dan and Tricia.  I think tomorrow may be “tourist day”.  Enough for right now.

Thanks for dropping by and enjoy each day of your life’s journey by finding beauty in the ordinary.