Sometimes I get a bit pen crazy

Hey guys! 

First...THANK YOU so much for the Ombre Scallop love! :) Happy you guys liked it! All of the emails and messages about it were so kind, and we couldn't be more thrilled over the response! So excited to see your nurseries, and bathrooms, and guest rooms and studios!! :) YAY!  

Aaron and I have been working pretty hard on some orders and custom projects over the past few days.   My parents are in town , and although it is super nice to see them, it wasn't a pleasure visit. They rushed down here to see my Nana in the hospital. She lives in NYC, so on top of  their 5 plus hour drive down here, they then had to make the 50 minute jaunt into the city. 

We got good news today...Nana is feeling a bit better. She's 91...and a tough cookie. She has a summer house here in our beach town...I've mentioned before. A big inspiration behind our Beach Bungalow collection. My dad is the baby of the family, and the only boy. He has 3 older sisters, 2 being "The twins". Everyone is urging Nana to move down here to the shore year round...but again...she is a tough cookie...and a die hard New Yorker. But they'll keep trying to get her down here where the pace is slower and where there's a lot more family around.

It really is nice to have my parents here. It's great hearing about their life up in "the woods". They are building their dream log cabin in upstate NY. About 2 hrs from Buffalo. My mother is a big time collector and it is incredible to see how much they have pared down. They are currently living in a tiny camper on their land! Yes a camper...much like Dale's on the Walking Dead, but half the size! She loves and misses her treasures but is also loving the simplicity of rural living.

I'm really happy for them. They've been hearing the call of the wild for years and they finally listened up. They both look and act like an enormous weight has been lifted from their shoulders. I look forward to visiting their little slice of wilderness.

Ok, now about these photos...just little bits of a painting I finished the other day. I really see it as more of an excercise. Almost a bit more Art journal-y. Just so happens to be on a canvas. I really went wild with my pen. (I used a Faber-Castell Pitt artist pen) I just got lost in tracing and retracing times it could almost just look like a mess...but I have this belief that anything in mass seems intentional and right. ;)   I was in the zone... ;) 

Art is a funny thing and if you're lucky you just might find the art that works for you. You'll feel a direct line connecting from the canvas to your heart. And maybe you're not creating that art...maybe you're just an admirer. This is the style of painting with roads leading straight to my heart...both in the admiring and in the act of making it. I've got ideas...I see colors...shapes...and I get lost in the act of flushing them out...working out a vibe...a look...a feel. These pieces sorta feel like even therapy. They build me up, make me stronger, and soothe my soul. In doing these I catalog things...and they show up later in other pieces and projects.
I always LOVE seeing the paintings and journal pages of feel free to add a link in the comments to some of yours!
I've been receiving a bunch of emails asking about my favorite supplies and will be sharing all of that very soon! Thanks for the interest! I love sharing info and ideas! :)
Love ya!
xo Jenny