A Big Box of Amazingness

Not too long ago the most amazing package showed up at my door. No, I hadn't ordered anything. It wasn't an etsy purchase, or swap. Nope. Just an amazing RAK box of amazingness from an online friend/customer of ours! Her name is Connie and she is one of the sweetest gals around. She asked for my mailing info a while back, mentioning that she had found something at a flea market that was so so me. Well color me spoiled...Gosh...so sweet right? So ok, fast forward a few months.

This HUGE box arrives and I swear to you...it took like 45 minutes to actually open every single little thing in the box. I was knee deep in treasures of all shapes and sizes. And, just as Connie had stated previously...the stuff was ALL so so ME! Vintage mini floral baking cups in their original box, cupcake toppers, vintage buttons still on cards, a top hat!, candles, geez...like so so much stuff! I really just stood there shaking my head side to side. Like noooway...noooway! 

I am just so beyond thankful, grateful, honored, and totally thrilled. Not only because the stuff is so great but mainly because Connie was so amazing to have me in mind at all, and then to go and personally shop for stuff she knew I'd love. We often focus on the unpleasant experiences we have with people...so it's just so special when someone does something so great for you just out of the blue. I'm grateful that we connected via blogs, and art, and collectibles. She included the most touching note ever. Totally had me tearing up. 

Connie, Thank you so so much from the bottom of my heart! You are the best! 

Here are some favorite things...

vintage mini baking cups

I'm pretty sure this was the "original" flea market find/gift Connie was sending. You know...before she went and got CRAZY! :)  And it happens to my FAVORITE thing in the box! A tiny vintage mixer salt & pepper set! With original box! I adore that graphic!

Not sure what these are...maybe from an old soda fountain? Love them!

The most thoughtful and tiny details! Vintage bunny diaper pins! And Aar says those buttons must be made to look like sliced banana.

A happy vintage baby head to add to my collection!

One of many tiny treasures!

This gal is adorable! Not sure if she is meant to be in mourning...she appears that way a bit...or maybe I'm just a bit morbid and she's just off to the Kentucky Derby : )

This box of sunshine really made me smile BIG!
xo Jenny