TTFN Brooklyn

Hi guys!
Oh my gosh! Well that was seriously an insane few days. I am in slow motion, mega tired, body aches, and I feel like I spent a week on West Coast time and now I'm adjusting to East Coast. But truth be told, my trip was only up the turnpike and over the bridge to Brooklyn. 

As I mentioned on Friday, I had to help my sis pack up her entire apt. in Brooklyn. Ok, to say that she is a collector is an understatement. It's totally bordering on hoarder. Maybe there aren't any gangs of cats running the place, or thousands of empty cans, or diapers reaching the heavens (jeez, sorry for that visual...but gosh did you see that episode?...or those several episodes?...what a terrible recurring theme!)  

Her hoarding is a cleaner, gentler version. More like somebody's idea of a dream thrift shop! Missy and I have very different styles...and color palettes. Where I go with pink, and aqua and sweets and bunnies...She goes for orange, and yellow, and turquoise, with Mexican folk art, religious iconography, cowboy boots, sugar skulls. She has sooo many great things. We've collected side by side over the years. Lots of fun going to flea markets and favorite junk shops. 

But after 3 or 4 moves she is totally paring down. Now that she's moving in with us, it's a matter of squeezing everything into one room...her bedroom. So it will be interesting and fun to see her choice in direction. It took us about 24 hrs if you add it up, to completely pack the place up. Me, Missy, and our brother Jason. No tv, or in the downtime we were pretty much staring at the walls. We found a 1980s 25,000 Pyramid board game! Dick Clark looking eternally young on the box. We played that for a little while and a bit of Scategories.  

Lots and lots and lots of packing. And organizing. Knowing that 85% would be in storage for now, we spent time sorting out the things that she could use here at the house, and some to sell at a yardsale or even on etsy. 

I swear it felt like a week, not 3 days! The movers came 10:30 Monday morning. I think I slept about 3 or 4 hrs all weekend. Not kidding. When the movers arrived we only stuck around for a little while, knowing we had to get back to Jersey to make "room" here at the house. Oh and did I mention that it was a rainy day? And my sis drives a 54 Ford! With no windshield wipers. We were going to rent a car...but the truck itself was gonna be tons of $$$. So we just dodged raindrops. 

I'm so so glad to be home! The back porch is seriously filled to the ceiling with Missy's stuff...and will take a few days to go through and organize and move. 

I know it was hard for Missy to leave Brooklyn. But it's just for now. A great reset button. Time to save some money, work like crazy...and enjoy the shore! I know it'll all make sense!

Ok guys...thanks so much for popping in! I'll be back to my regular blogging tomorrow! :)

Love ya!
xo Jenny