What's in My Bag?

You know, when I thought of doing this post I chuckled. Why you ask? Well because "My Bag" is far from a grown up lady bag. My everyday bag or as I called it when i was little "my pocka-book" (is that a New York/ New Jersey thing? )  ...I don't drive..so no car keys. I rarely leave the house without Aaron or my sis...so as far as a house key..I keep that in a jewelry box. I don't even carry a phone. Yes I've already mentioned that I am a weirdo. Not new news. My bag is more of a "busy bag" that you'd bring along for your kid during church or a waiting room visit..or picnik. 

This darling bag was handmade by a super sweet and talented friend of mine about 5 years ago. Yes..vintage sheets people...wayyy ahead of the game. Isn't it the cutest? It's perfect as a summer bag...or a park or beach "busy bag" 

In it today:

I always love seeing these posts...so if you've recently done a "What's in My Bag" leave me a link to come see!!

xo Jenny