Much o’ Nuttin and Paddle Ski


Ok, so I’ve been lazy about posting.  I apologize but we really haven’t been doing anything blog worthy.  The house and yard are in great shape thanks to the neighbors.  Mark and his son Jordan spread pine straw here to give it that curb appeal.  Jordan is keeping our grass cut too.  We’ve enjoyed reconnecting with them all while we’ve been here.  We relaxed on the back porch and listened to the bullfrogs in the pond one warm afternoon.
IMG_0484 IMG_0483

We’ve enjoyed fresh asparagus from the garden area and we’ve had a rose or two in the MH.
IMG_1269  IMG_1270

These are all things that we otherwise would have missed out on if the house were already sold.  Still, I wish we had our freedom.  I keep telling myself that it will happen soon.  We lowered the price now hopefully that will spark some interest.

The Sea Eagle Paddle Ski 435 came in yesterday so we unwrapped it today and got familiar with it.  We hope to take it out on Falls Lake in a few days.  We’re excited about that!  Step 1, 2, and 3.
Paddle Ski is here! Almost there!
Paddle Ski is ready to go!

My last scheduled dental appointment is coming Tuesday so we plan to go somewhere soon after that. We need to act like full time rvers instead of displaced home owners.

Thanks for dropping by and enjoy each day of your life’s journey by finding beauty in the ordinary.