April Showers...

It's a bit early on in the month but we haven't had any April showers yet. Today it's in the 70's and super sunny. Usually the rain gets me down, but every once in a while the perfect Springtime shower comes along and makes you want to get out there and stroll beneath the shelter of your favorite umbrella.
There's cafe umbrellas & beach umbrellas...and both of these deserve posts of their own. But I'm talking about the classic rain umbrella...like the one carried by the Morton's Salt girl. And maybe the not-so-classic flying version...as used by Mary Poppins. And don't forget the mystery-filled kind made famous by Mr. Hitchcock himself.
 I did a little window shopping for a future rainy day. Below are some of my faves.

This is just so so classic, black and stylishly tailored. When something has the right lines...even if it's solid black...it can have more style than a Betsey Johnson, all trimmed in leopard print, aqua & polka dots. Don't get me wrong...sometimes the day calls for outrageous trimmings...but classic black always works.

And then there's the black and white version...so Tim burton! Very circus tent...very carousel.

Isn't this lovely? Antique white and black are so perfect... I think of French press coffee, pages of old books, cobblestones and shops. With that fancy lace and decorative tassle, this one definitely favors form over function...but sometimes the rain is just a drizzle right?

If you know me, you know that my closet is just brimming with black ruffles. I love the simple sweetness of this. One part classic frou frou, one part elegant gothic lolita. And I love the candy cane shaped handle...and how deep the canopy is...you'll be dry for sure.

I've always loved these clear dome styles...as a kid I had a few. And probably a clear raincoat to match! This birdcage really makes me smile! A sure way to brighten up a grey day!

This is just beyond cute...reminds me of some vintage flapper buttons I've seen over the years at different antique shops. The three dimensional barrette really makes this. Oh that Lulu Guinness!

Isn't this just so sweet? I adore it! Apparently Burt Bacharach was sans umbrella...and it's a good thing too. What in the world would we do without his song?

Happy Saturday!
xo Jenny

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