flowers, family, and a farewell

Yesterday we joined together with family and friends for the funeral of Aaron's grandmother...aka "Mom Mom". Funerals are a time to say our goodbyes and also for gathering the people who all shared a common love for the departed. Getting together with loved ones is definitely something that doesn't happen often enough. I know for sure that Mom Mom would've loved being at the restaurant following the funeral. A room full of her favorite people. At first the notion of her missing this "party" is maybe a little sad, bittersweet. But why not just look at the brighter side? Mom Mom brought us all together. There are cousins, distant cousins, aunts, uncles, great aunts and great uncles...and a whole variety of relations that stem from there. 
And then you can just focus on one little detail...which actually is a huge detail...there is a whole extension of family that exists because of Mom Mom giving birth to Aar's Mom. There's Aaron and his two brothers...and Aar's older brother is married with two kids...the Great grandkids...and they are awesome little tots! 

Aaron's grandfather...aka "Pop Pop"...passed about 18 years ago. (about a year after me and Aar became a couple) And this big gathering of people each played their own roles in making sure that Mom Mom didn't spend the past 18 years alone. 
I loved to spend time with Mom Mom. She had a great dry sense of humor and whenever she told stories from when she was a little girl she would use hilarious out-of-date say there was a creepy guy hangin around the old neighborhood...he was known as a "fox in the bush"! Me and Aar always drove her home on holidays and definitely kept her up way past her bedtime. Probably talking about the show Lost...of which, we were all big fans.

I can't stand to see flowers go to waste. At the funeral there were some amazing arrangements and we brought one home. I caught some great pics of them while they're still vibrant and full. 
I totally counted Mom Mom as my Grandma and I'm glad to say that she made my life more vibrant and full. I'll miss her so much. 
xo, Jenny