Maiden Voyage and Soapbox

Clayton, NC

We enjoyed our maiden voyage of the PaddleSki 435 with Tricia and Dan on Monday at Falls Lake.  They are staying at their NC “home” for a few weeks and we enjoyed visiting with them some before going down the road to a put in that was in a quiet cove.  It was a breezy day so it was nice to be sheltered some.
Boink!!  Boink Back!!
No, they weren’t hitting each other in the head! 
We just can’t take a “proper” photo.

The sky was a beautiful clear blue which complimented the Spring green colors of the trees wonderfully!  I had commented to my Mom a few days ago that I have enjoyed the “greening” of Spring more this year than any other time.  She immediately knew what I was talking about because she said, “It’s because you’re retired!  You have time to enjoy it!”.  She is so right!

So we are still here in the driveway taking care of the money pit (aka house).  The garage door opener quit working so we called someone to come fix it.$  Then the air conditioner in the house was not blowing cool air.  Called someone to add coolant.$$  Now there is a beaver in the pond that no one wants to claim as their pet so we have made a call to have that taken care of.$$  Good to get these things done while we are here.

I did want to say thanks to Bill and Nancy for buying their Journey at Lazy Days.  LD sent us a nice gift card for referring them so we used part of it to pay for a seafood dinner with Gin’s parents.  They had come to see us and bring the new quiet water pump we had ordered.  It was a good meal.

(Stepping up on my soapbox) We have voted by absentee ballot today in the upcoming NC Primary.  We ordinarily wouldn’t bother with who is going to be our party’s candidate, but there is a referendum to add a NC Constitutional amendment to “provide that marriage between one man and one woman is the only domestic legal union that shall be valid or recognized in this State.”  There are already laws in this state that ban gay marriage.  Why do we have to put it in the Constitution too?  My personal opinion (which I seldom voice) is that it’s just plain discrimination!  I’m sorry if one’s religion doesn’t approve.  I can understand that.  Really, I do.  Don’t allow a gay couple to marry in your church.  However, marriage is a legal entity.  Many straight couples get married outside of their church but their union is still legally recognized!  So it should be with any two consenting adults!!  Why can’t a gay couple just go to the justice of the peace, exchange vows, and be legally recognized?  It’s just plain discrimination!  It should NOT be in any Constitution!  (End of rant…stepping off of my soapbox)

Thanks for dropping by and enjoy each day of your life’s journey by finding beauty in the ordinary.