Lime Crime!

Hey lovies!

Oh my goodness...first, Thank you SO much for all of the excited emails about sponsoring Everyday is a Holiday in April! I am so excited that you are so excited! It is going to be so much fun!! You still have some time. Email your reservation by March 28th. :)

Ok, so I've been meaning to blog my LOVE of Lime Crime for months! Just before the Holidays I received the most magical package ever! From this goooorgeous gal herself, Doe Deere! Are you not familiar with this starlet? I'm sure you have come across a dazzling photo of her somewhere in the blogosphere. Her likeness, her look, whether she goes lavish or low-key...a certain quality always remains...she's current, hip, now, chic. And because of this, she has the ability to be so utterly chameleonesque and instantly recognizable. And as if her beauty alone wasn't enough...she's a genuine triple threat...a make-up artist, entrepreneur, and model. Her stylish photoshoots have become ubiquitous in our part of the universe. And you know what I mean by our universe...we're all Pinterest pals, blog buddies, Flickr friends...and Lime Crime embodies everything we desire in cosmetics right now. But ya know what?...I want to clarify something. She's more than right now, hipper than hip. She's better than today...she's tomorrow. A predictor, a forecaster, a sort-of style oracle. This is a rare gift...and that's why I simply had to feature her!

Doe Deere was born in Russia and moved to New York at the age of 17. She currently resides in Los Angeles with her husband & and three cats. She was named one of the 'Top Inspiring Women Enterpreneurs of 2010' by Self-Made magazine alongside Suze Orman and Arianna Huffington.

Lime Crime's mission is to break up the stale beauty ideals with fashion-forward shades and unmatched color payoff, so you may create looks as vivid and unique as you are. They are committed to providing the kind of fantasy makeup experience you deserve and couldn't get from any other brand. Their makeup comes packaged up in purple tubes adorned with sparkling unicorns because they believe that a modern young woman uses makeup as more than just the means to get pretty, but indeed, as an accessory. Their mascot, a unicorn, serves as a symbol of individuality and freedom of expression.

Let me share with you my ab fabs!

I adore this!

I am seeeriously in LOVE with the new Chinadoll palettes! So beyond cute! Pop over and like Lime Crime on facebook, and follow Doe's blog for non stop eye candy and whimsy!

Ridiculously cute no?

xo Jenny