Nutrisystem: WEEK EIGHT

(snapped today on the way to swimming lessons :)

Half way!
I can't believe I am half way through my awesome Nutrisystem experience.
I'm feeling good about my progress, because it's progress.
I'm moving forward.
So many times I take two steps forward and one back,
and it gets so dang frustrating.
Honestly, I do wish that I had hit 20 lbs by now.
However, I'm not going to get it get to me,
and I'm going to keep moving forward.

My tip of the week . . . these!!!


Have you seen them?
They are tasty and fabulous and a great way to get
fruit to go.
I get them at Costco.
The kids are in love with the apples and pears - not so much the peaches.

Week One: -6 lbs
Week Two: -3 lbs
Week Three: -.5
Week Four: -2
Week Five: -0
Week Six: -1
Week Seven: -1
Week Eight: -.5


Thanks so much for all the tips about exercise.
It looks like a majority of you exercise first thing in the morning.
I agree with you.
When I've been successful, it's because I do it first thing.

Things I need help with this week:
  1. What fun books have you read this summer?

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