One man's trash...

Today's weather was pretty much near perfect for Fall...chilly yet sunny. We had a few windows open, as well as both the front door and the kitchen door. We were a household busy with projects. Out front Walt was stripping down, sanding, and priming his jeep. Then Aaron came home with these two great pieces from a woman around the corner who's house is under renovation. She said she was still emotionally attached to both of them but couldn't make them work in her new home layout. 
When Aaron told her that he had some fab re-do ideas for them she was much happier to see that they'd be getting new lives. Aaron and myself worked almost exclusively on furniture for many years...painting literally hundreds of pieces. The two of us in our work van trekking all over New Jersey and New York, picking up bedroom sets etc... so that we could work our custom magic on them. In meeting with our clients we've been in more homes and shops than we could ever remember.  
As soon as Aaron saw this cupboard which happens to be a super bright pink (too peachy for me)...he knew we could make it work in our soon to be rearranged home. Being that we work from home we are always in need of storage. It could work in the studio or kitchen or livingroom. The woman used it in her laundry room and pointed out the detergent stains on the shelves.  
I was itching to get right to sanding and priming it today. I'm not sure which room it will go in...I'm leaning toward studio or kitchen. I have a few ideas for it but it will have to wait till we get the kitchen and studio painted. And then you can bet it will probably be tackled in a single day! And worry not...I promise there'll be a full tutorial of the makeover.

And the second find that Aaron carried home, (this one a whole lot heavier due to the mirror!) is this really cool door with big mirror panels. It's definitely getting painted...not sure what color...and not sure which room we'd use it in...but it could be an awesome addition to our decor.

We have a pretty long list of projects to check off and we are really excited about all of them. Big ones and little ones alike.  

 So...I just thought I'd drop a line to let you guys in on our project driven Sunday. After cleaning up we topped the night off with a pizza, some chocolate, and The Walking Dead! Not a bad Sunday at all. 
What did you guys do this weekend?
xo Jenny