Wrapping up at Niagara

July 23-31, 2012
(I promise that I’ll get caught up…really)

Youngstown, NY
Four Mile Creek State Park (NY) site 65

So do you want to hear the rest of the story about that camera shot?  Well it started about a week or so earlier.  We wanted a good but smaller camera so that we would actually use it more, especially while we were at Niagara so we ordered a new Panasonic Lumix DMC-ZS10 with 16x zoom.  It was delivered to us while we were at the farm in PA.  Do you also remember the shot of that nice Observation Gazebo along the walkway on the Canada side?  Well it appears that the camera wanted to sit there a bit while the rest of us walked away.  We didn’t realize it was gone until after supper.  I walked back to look for it but it was gone of course.  We wrote it off as one of those things that happen in life and continued to enjoy our evening of fireworks.

That was on Friday.  Fast forward a couple of days to Sunday.  Gin and I decided to stay at camp to relax while Dan, Tricia, Brandon and Amanda went back to enjoy the Canadian attraction, Journey Behind the Falls.  While they were there,  they checked the lost and found at the Park Police building.  The officer said they did indeed have one turned in on Friday matching that description!  It was locked up for safekeeping and they would need to wait around for about 30 minutes while someone came in that could unlock the storage room.  (I could think of worse places to hang out for a while since the views were gorgeous.)

After checking to make sure it was our camera, Tricia signed for it and brought it back to us.  They had taken that picture of our camera at the Falls to tease us.  We were sitting outside at our MH when they got back from their day trip and Brandon said that they had taken a really nice picture that they wanted to show us.  Tricia came over and had that shot open on her camera.  We just smiled, jumped up, and gave her a big hug!!  We were so happy to have it back!  A good Samaritan had turned it in to the police just a few minutes after we walked away from it.  Thank you Dan, Tricia, Brandon and Amanda for getting it out of lock up for us!  So now you know the rest of the story.

We enjoyed being tourist while here but we enjoyed the relaxing down time with friends also.  On the last day here I joined Tricia, Brandon and Amanda for a little hike to the Niagara River in nearby Artpark.  It’s another NY State Park in the area that has a music venue and art on the grounds.  Here’s some examples.
ArtPark NY  ArtPark NY

We found a trail that led us down to the Niagara River and got a good view of some of the whirlpools.  I love the color of the water and like the River about as much as I like the Falls.
Amanda and Brandon at the Niagara River  Niagara River

We saw several of the Whirlpool Jet Boats go by with lots of people in them.  They had on their ponchos so I’m sure they all got wet at some point.
Niagara River  P1000283
Whirlpool Jet Boat on Niagara River

We enjoyed our relaxing time at this cg too.  On a clear day, we could see the skyline of Toronto, Ontario across Lake Ontario.
Toronto Skyline beyond Lake Ontario  Dusk at Lake Ontario-Toronto Skyline 
There were many beautiful sunsets over Lake Ontario.  Here are just a few parting shots.
Amanda and Brandon enjoying a sunset over Lake Ontario  P1000248
Lake Ontario

I think this one is my favorite one though.
Lake Ontario
The End