A cute & crafty haul

When the mail arrived today I was beaming! You already know that I just adore washi tape. I love to use it in my art journaling, collages, cards, and tags, and it is just about the cutest method for hanging small bits of art on the studio walls. I know I'm not alone when I say that being a washi tape lover has you walking this weird line, wherein you want to use it on everything and don't want to use any of it at all. (just want to hoard piles and piles till the corner of my studio resembles a washi tape ball pit that I can lay, jump, and roll around in) True. 

Since debuting our Art Journaling series I've been pulling out all of my bins, baskets, tins, tubs, jars, baggies, and folders,  gathering up all of my favorite bits to use and share with you guys. If you have it..use it! It'll only make you love it more...right? So I vow to use all of my stash favorites each week. This will be that little push I needed. I remember when I went through this sort of thing back in 2007 at the height of my vintage wallpaper hoarding. I didn't want to use my slowly and carefully collected, coveted papers. But what good did staring at them do? 
 I know when I finally conquered that hurdle, I was just in love with every collage, tag, and assemblage so much more! Again guys...if you love it use it!  :)

A few of the washi patterns above will replenish what I've used...but the pink cameras, and summery floral, as well as the cameos are new to me! I've been drooling over them online for a while and thought it was about time to add them to the collection and to my art making!  I found them here. 

And you may remember this adorable little Poulain Camera stamp as one of my Friday Favorites from a little while back. eeeee!...it is now mine! I am so excited! Isn't it seriously the cutest? And it's little brother just had to come live with me as well. Yeah for some reason I see the Fotka as a boy.  And the Poulain as a girl.  Well it makes sense to me. Humor me. ;)

So yes, today was a happy happy mail day over here! I'm wondering what will end up in this week's journal spread? Maybe some stuff from this haul?? You know, since we used Aaron's journal last week, and he chose the colors and vibe...it's now my turn! Bring on some pink!! :)
xo Jenny