Get ready to fall in LOVE...with the art of Lia Lane!

I think that when you have a favorite artist it is so very important for you to share them with the world. Well, that's the way it is for me. Not only do I feel that I owe something to the artist for touching my soul in such a way...but I also owe it to all those who are close to pass on this gift that keeps on giving. Plus, I feel like art is the window to one's soul...knowing my tastes in art is almost like reading an "about me" page. So, let me get to the sharing...for my sake, for your sake, for art's sake.  I've been putting off sharing for some time because I was waiting until I had some more of the pieces hung...and maybe I'd even buy a few more pieces. ;)
 The day I first came across the work of Lia Lane, my eyes popped open wide, and after a few minutes of looking I realized that my cheeks were aching from smiling so much. I think I may even have spit some seltzer! 
I know for sure that in no way does Lia sit down to paint with the idea of being a "comedy painter". But I must admit...her work makes me laugh SO much!
 I swear I look exactly like the girls she paints! We're like...still trying to pull it together, with our pink hair and cute bows and lipstick...but mannn these long hours are running us a bit ragged...haha! Aaron swears the above painting is totally "Jenny in the morning"  :)

As many of you guys know, if you are an artist yourself you'll have a certain level of appreciation for all art. Even if it's not your thing you'll have a more in depth understanding of what goes into it. You can see behind the curtain a can see where the artist is coming from...their unique style, vibe, color choices. So I feel like it takes something really special to bowl me over and have me fall in LOVE with it. And Lia's work has done it. It has found a place in my heart...and an even trickier has found a place in my home! Being that me and Aar started out in the decor world, a big part of the appeal for any given piece of artwork has to do with how well it fits into our home esthetic. I am so very picky! That said, to say I'd plaster the walls of my home from floor to ceiling with Lia's an understatement!  She is totally my favorite "not yet famous" artist!

Lia describes herself as "awkward"...umm, isn't that a selling point these days? She's a huge music fan, and loves Buffy the Vampire Slayer! Her paintings are all covered in beeswax, it gives them the dreamiest look, feel, and smell! She combines, paint, papers, wood burning techniques, as well as some doodles, glitter and shimmery stars underneath the layers paint and wax.

Let me share a bit of my growing collection with you!

Lia made this one just for me! eeeee! She even added our "Keep Calm And Have A Cupcake"...and how did she know that I walk around with cupcakes on my head? 

Tres Cool is one of my newest pieces. Once again, the colors couldn't be more of a perfect fit in my world. 

I picked up this frame at Ikea and I couldn't believe how perfectly this trio of girls with pastel hair and adorable headbands fit.

Some of her newest paintings are of "twinnies". I absolutely adore these tiny gals.

A small portion of a "gallery wall" in our studio.

  Lia's art makes our house a home. It is everything I love about Art! In my favorite spot when hanging out in the living room...whether I'm watching a movie or doodling in my art journal...I can stare straight ahead and see that blonde gal...or I can look over to my right into the studio and see my mini gallery wall. I must confess that I contacted Lia yesterday to let her know that I'd be blogging her today. And the stingy 7 year old in me got all Art Monster and begged her to please reserve some pieces in her shop for me...since I knew you all were going to fall head over heels in love with her work...and would snatch up everything in her shop! ; ) Yes, I'm willing to share...but the sharing only goes so far. I'm not gonna let you guys come in and take away all the Lia pieces that I've been coveting for so long! ; )

I swear, all I can say is: I LOVE Lia Lane's art! And I think you will too!

Find Lia on Facebook.

Start your very own collection by visiting her Etsy Shop!

xo Jenny