Fresh from the oven...I mean studio

So I mentioned this past week was pretty busy. We were working round the clock on a big bunch of projects. One being a brand new batch of JUMBO diecuts! Some of our all time best selling prints have been our pastel frosted cupcakes, and it was about time we turned them into these eye grabbing room makers! They are just so bright and cheerful. I like to imagine where they might hang...picture a dreamy little room belonging to twins...a boy and a girl...and above each crib hangs the appropriate sprinkle topped cupcake!
 Eeee I so want to see that! :)  When I say Jumbo I mean Jumbo! They are about 16" x 16".  So chunky,  and the finish is just so satiny and beautiful.  We are pretty excited about these new additions! 

I just wanted to pop in and share the fruits of our epic labor. ;)   They are all listed in the shop now! Hope you guys are enjoying your weekend! 
xo Jenny