Style Crush: Lynn Yaeger

portrait by Dietmar Busse

Blogging, writing, painting...for me these three actions stimulate many of the same synapses. In this instance I'm speaking of the connective spark between one act and the next. Every time I work on a new painting my mind gets crowded with images of what the next painting in the series will be. 
So it was with my first edition of Style Crush, when I profiled Aaron Ruell. I'd been wanting to share my love for his style for a long time, and naturally, in the process of writing his profile my mind was filled with images of my very next Crush who would appear here. And that is none other than one of my ALL TIME favorite peeps! Lynn Yaeger, aka Baby Lynnie. I have been a scratch that...obsessed with Lynn for well over 15 years. Stretching back to when we had our furniture line...which I have mentioned was highly inspired by fashion, Lynn was always on my radar. I had photos of her all over my giant inspiration wall. I love her antique boudoir porcelain doll like style.
Her cupid's bow lips...the way she gets extra bang out of that same lipstick...using it to dot her adorable cheeks with a bit of "rouge". And her chosen silhouette, to say that I have worn nearly that same silhouette forever might just be an understatement.   

Lynn Yaeger is a contributing fashion editor to and a contributing writer to Vogue. And for thirty years she was a fashion reporter for The Village Voice. You've probably seen her unforgettable face on tv whenever there's an in depth report from New York's Fashion Week. 
When she writes about or talks about fashion I know exactly what she means. It feels like she's been peeking inside my brain. And it's this synergy that Lynn has with all sorts of creative types that has made her an icon in the field. She can see the "story" in a collection or even a single dress. And for me, in fashion, in painting, it's all about the story. The who, what, where, when and why.
And even though she can be very specific, this doesn't translate to rigidity...actually, it's the complete opposite. A dress or an accessory may speak something very specific to her, but that doesn't mean she thinks it should say the same thing to you. If she was to have one rule of fashion, she'd say "there are no rules."
You just have to adore Baby Lynnie.
xo Jenny