Friday Favorites!

Friday! Already? Well we did lose a day there with the holiday. Not that I'm complaining. I'm all for long weekends. But really...Friday already. I'm really gearing up for a crazy weekend. My sis officially moves back to Jersey from Brooklyn...with my help. Well mine and one of my brothers. We'll be renting a car (since My sis drives a 1954 Ford Custom line) and first grabbing boxes at Lowes. Then we're heading into the city for 3 days of packing like lunatics. She has been living here in Jersey with us for the past few months...but still had her fully furnished apartment sitting there. Aaron has had some heavy duty neck and arm pain the past few months and has been seeing the Chiropractor. His arm goes numb from simply painting or using the computer, so it goes without saying that heavy lifting is out of the picture for him. He's staying back in Jersey with all of the pups. 

We'll be packing the place up and on Monday she has a guy that will be driving it all back to Jersey.  It's probably going to be it's a 3rd floor walk up. Party!! haha...can you sense my sarcasm? gotta do what you gotta do. We need to help her close this chapter.  :)
anyways...yes...that will be my entire weekend. How about you guys? Anything fun planned? Tell me! 

Well, just in case you don't have enough fun on your agenda...or if your fun is only fun in the sarcastic sense...then I've got some decidedly fun stuff in my Friday Favorites for ya!

by Rui Pereira and Ryosuke Fukusada

How FUN is this?!! I absolutely love this cake mold and the genius designers behind it. In their words: "playing with your food is now allowed. Serve your favorite pieces of furniture to your friends and kids."

The name is so perfect "Beachfront View Dress". Just makes me sigh and think of being in Wildwood NJ :) After a day at the beach and boardwalk...coming back to our motel room...freshening up...and going out for dinner. LOVE it!

I can always count on IKEA for having happy practical affordable things to make me happy! I adore these vintagey looking floral trays ! Perfect for summer day lunches on the deck, or for the pups water/food dishes...or the bathroom...or studio... :) And the price RULES! 

This perfect little thing was on the etsy homepage last week and I couldn't have been more bummed about being so broke right now. It is the cutest little thing! I'm camper crazy and dream of one day owning one of my own. For now this would cetainly have fit the bill! I'd be happy just dreaming while staring at it on my coffee table...but it just wasn't in my budget. Not that it was a lot...pretty much what you'd expect at an antique shop...50 bux-ish. I was actually surprised that it took a few days to sell. I thought it woulda been gone the second I pinned it on pinterest. Ah day!

I am so so in LOVE with these incredible "utility lamps"  by Deborah Bowness. They are in fact wallpaper art. This collection features all sorts of gorgeous graphics on panels of wallpaper. And that happens to also be a faux clock on the wall. I just plain ol' adore them! 

Ok, happy Friday to you guys. Wish me luck this weekend!
xo, Jenny