"Chip it" = FUN!

I am soooo loving this Chip it tool from Sherwin Williams. It is so easy to use...the little how-to video is maybe a minute long. You just click the Chip it tool and drag it to your toolbar. Then with a simple click you can use it on any image. It gives you a reference chart of all the colors that make up the picture. And it conveniently gives you the specific Sherwin Williams paint names and numbers. Right away I started playing around with it on some my fave paintings of ours.   

And for me it's not just some superfluous technological gadget. Making color scales and charts is something I've been doing manually forever. On any of our paintings...either on back, or just outside the frame of the image, you will find little squares of color that we've mixed and painted. These color squares are for us to reference...for whatever reason. A lot of times we'll do a mini collection of paintings...a series. And the color swatches help us to carry over the color theme into the next painting that we're working on. Or if we're using corresponding patterned papers...or painting stripes or polka dots on a frame or a border...the color swatches always come in handy. 

You must give it a try! It's perfect for your latest decorating project. ( Heck, you can take one of your collection of prints from Everyday is a Holiday...Chip it...and then pick paints and fabrics to decorate a whole room around it! ; )  ) Also it's fun to see colors come up that you didn't really realize were an integral part of the image. Anyway...have fun!
xo, Jenny