For the birds

When we moved into our new home we became roomates with a bird. Moving a bird to a new home that's many hours away could be a very stressful process for the bird. So my parents thought it best to leave him here. There's something about birds in general that steers me away from saying we are "bird owners". Birds are synonymous with freedom. Sure, our little guy lives indoors and we feed him and put him to bed every day...but for the sake of bird rights...let's say that this is exactly where he chooses to here with us.

And if you just look outside for a wouldn't be too hard to convince you that birds kinda like human company. They're always just outside your window aren't they? And we love the company of birds. We like to hear them sing and see them flit about. They bring us closer to nature and further from our daily stresses. So we repay the favor in the simplest of's no different for birds than it is for man. The quickest way to their hearts in through their bellys. 

So it goes without saying that I'm a big fan of birdfeeders. Because they're more than the sum of their parts. If we simply want to feed birds we could just throw some stale bread on the lawn. Birdfeeders are much more meaningful. They're birds and us. Their designs are often either zen like in their simplicity or kitschy, campy and cute. We design them to be ornamental jewels in our little environment. 

They benefit us just as much as the birds. They keep the little guys fed (and safe from ground predators)...and they keep us in the company of birds. 

Some favorites:

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xo Jenny