Dr. Seuss Birthday Celebration

We take Dr. Seuss pretty seriously around here -
as evidenced by the picture above :)
JT's kinder class had a celebration on Friday,
complete with guest readers and pj's.

So I decided the day before that the kiddos needed some
rad and festive jammies to make the celebration
just that much more awesome.

JT got PJ bottoms and I appliqued a tie
onto a plain white shirt for him.
I added 1" pleats to the bottom of Isabella's pants.

She also got matching hair bows . . .

and a removable bow tie for her shirt.

And of course I made them wear them all day :)

That night we had a Cat in the Hat pizza,

Red Fish Jell-O,
the Yink's Pink Ink Drink,
Green Eggs, and Cat in the Hat Kabobs.

I hope your day was Seuss-tastic!