Art Journal bits

Hello my dears!
It's now we have a pretty good idea of how our week is going. Personally I feel like I could use another 6 hrs in each day. More projects than time. But I can't complain, I love having projects, and orders, and ideas! I've said it before...making, and wrapping, and packing art to be shipped off to a new and far away home makes me just beyond happy! I'd never ever complain about that. Even when we were working 17 hr days back when we first debuted the original "Keep Calm And Have A Cupcake" paintings, when I had dark circles under my eyes and days blended into one another, and Aaron felt like he should just pitch at tent at the Post Office. I'd never ever complain. :)

One of the projects I have in the works is actually a tutorial for you guys! Art Journaling related. Actually art journal, gift wrap, paper arts related. I hope to have it all completed and photographed by the weekend. I'm shooting for pop by! :)

Today started on the grey and gloomy side. Heavy and loud claps of thunder and rain till mid afternoon. I was so bummed at the lack of natural light, being that I had a checklist of things to photograph. But luckily Mother Nature got over her moodiness and sent some sunshine our way! I was able to snap the photos I needed and I think having to wait for sun only made me snap happy once I was able... I was going through some art journals and thought I'd share some tiny bits with you. :)

The above two pages feature some of our Original Art Journal stickers! That you can color yourself! We currently offer two pages of color yourself stickers and two that are ready to cut and stick.
We have some sketches for some super cute Summery sticker sheets that we hope to have finished very soon. :)

I find that I am drawn to sunny yellow when journaling. In addition to my trademark pinks, aquas, tans, black and whites.

I LOVE incorporating vintage photos into my pages. I never stick to one scale. It's alwys fun to create a page around your photo. I never know what I will end up with! That's the fun part!

Layers of the same shape are another common thread in my journals. I love the different textures. These are great spots to jot down little thoughts...inside the bubbles. :)

I'm really not a fan of my own handwriting, and when I first started journaling I found that I was starting page after page and skipping the actual journaling part. Art journals are for you...they are extensions of you and the things you love and feel. I have a few go-to "fonts" I use the one above. It's still a wreck...but for some reason repetition makes things feel "real" ...does that make sense? Once I start seeng it over and almost becomes like a color or shape. I stop judging it so much. :)

Aaron and I are big big fans of Art Journaling. And we have been lucky enough to teach some super fun journaling workshops at some reeeeally fab art events across the country. There is nothing like sitting around with likeminded artsy folk cutting, painting, gluing, sticking, stamping, doodling and writing in an art journal! An absolute FAVE pasttime!

Do you art journal? Do you experiment with different styles? Is it personal or more of an "inspiration board" type of thing? I'd love to know/see!

Thanks for visiting me!
Happy rest of the week!
xo Jenny