Pin it to WIN it!

Hey Kids! Happy Friday!

It's been a rainy, chilly day here on the N.J. shore. We've been busy in the studio working on lots of super fun new designs and projects. We are so thrilled by the response to our diecuts! Gosh, thank you guys! We love that you "get it"! Of course we all "need" giant wood Vanilla Extract bottles hanging in our kitchens! We love the smiles they bring and the compliments from visiting friends! :)

We really love making these and have sooo many ideas for future designs. So much so...we are going to be putting the majority of our time and energy into them. New paintings will be for diecuts and signs. Our roots are in home decor, furniture, antiques and signage. Gosh, we are so happy to be working with wood!

Ok here is where we need your help! We would LOVE if you guys would help to spread the word about our New JUMBO diecuts! We would love to be making these round the clock, packing and shipping them all over the globe! :)

And for your super duper kindess and support we would love to make this FUN!

All you have to do for 2 chances at a $50.00 gift certificate to the Everyday is a Holiday shop is...

Visit the shop, choose your favorite diecut and Pin it on Pinterest! Linking back to this post!

For a second chance pin the above photo to Pinterest with "Repin to win!” in the description. Or repin it from here to be entered. One super sweet & lucky winner will be doing some shopping with us!

Thanks so so much guys!! Love ya to bits!
Enjoy your weekend!
Happy Pinning!!
xo Jenny