Fabric Monster Face Bookmark Tutorial

I saw this super bookmark made out of paper over at
I Could Make That and thought - why not make it out of fabric??!!
If you're a paper person, you should hop over to ICMT and
check out her cute blog and get the instructions for making the
bookmark out of paper - including the template.

I'm going to share how I took the her idea and translated
it into a fabric version - because I love fabric!
And this project is the perfect scrap blaster.

You'll need:
*two scraps of fabric
*felt scraps - I used black and white
*Heat and Bond
*freezer paper
*glue gun
*corner template - available at I Could Make That

Follow the package directions and adhere the Heat and Bond
to the wrong side of one of your fabric scraps.

Remove the paper back from the Heat and Bond
and adhere to the second scrap of fabric.

Trace the template onto a piece of freezer paper,
cut out and iron the shiny side to your fabric sandwich.

Cut out your pattern piece.

Lay the fabric side you want showing for the monster's face
down - so the inside fabric is facing up.
Fold one corner over and iron down.
Now, you can proceed in several different ways.
You can (1) use Heat & Bond to adhere the flaps - which I did;
(2) use hot glue to adhere the flaps;
or (3) stitch down one side of the flaps.

Trace your face pieces onto freezer paper.
Iron onto white felt and cut out.

Adhere the face pieces to your monster.
I used hot glue for the teeth & black pupils,
but Heat & Bond for the whites of the eyes.

And now you have a cute little corner bookmark.
I made these with the 12/13 year girls at church this week,
and they loved them!