Theme Park Transfers - Best Gold Coast Holiday Travel

A fun-filled family trip will definitely consist of visits to famous theme parks. These transfers are similar to airport transfers.
Theme park transfers are to be made for specific tour time schedules. Passengers are to book with a minimal 24 hours period prior to attraction transfer services. In addition, passengers are required to be present at the designated pick-up point ten minutes before the scheduled time.

Due to the precise nature of scheduling, it is not possible to wait for passengers who are not ready at the designated pick-up time as it is unfair to other passengers who are punctual and risk passengers arriving at the theme parks at a later time than expected. The bus driver will hand each passenger a return ticket when on the transfer with various time available for return transfer.

Again, passengers are required to wait at the designated waiting point ten minutes prior to these pick up times. Furthermore, due to government regulations, consumption of alcohols or smoking is illegal on coaches.

In addition, there is the ROO pass, which includes attraction transfers to many destinations. It is basically a cost-effective and convenient way of visiting many theme parks during your visit.

Moreover, it is crucial to book your airport transfers at the time of ROO pass booking, but it is not required to book all attraction transfers at the time of booking the ROO pass. Attraction bookings are flexible and can be done the day before traveling.

However, take note that the ROO pass must be used within 30 days and any unused components are non-refundable. The ROO pass is not transferable, but transfers are fully flexible and non consecutive with the convenient option to re-book transfer to another day in the event if it is necessary.

Another important point is that the ROO pass price listed is only for coach transfers and value add specials on pass only while theme park entry is not included in the package. On the other hand, the days that are hole-punched on the ROO pass are inclusive.
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