little rays of sunshine

Lately life has been a bit heavy. Ok, more than a bit heavy. But at least there's no mystery as to why what should be a simple day-in-the-life seems more like an arduous journey. All we have to do is look around our neighborhood and town to see that everyone who was within Hurricane Sandy's reach is experiencing some heavy times right now. A lot of it is mental. From the initial storm, to the dark cold days after, right on through to now with all the cleaning up and organizing and starting just feel as if you haven't stopped to take a breath yet. But we're remaining positive, keeping busy, and moving forward despite the incompleteness of everything and lack of concrete details about the near future. What will insurance cover?...and when?...and how? And how unhealthy or dangerous is the mold that's all around?

One great thing that we just couldn't be more thankful for is all the work. Our customers came out in droves and supported our small business, and we're working round the clock to get orders out, but with a few logistical obstacles. We're currently working over at Aaron's parents house while our home studio is being repaired. There's a whole lotta looking around for things that aren't in their proper place. Our saw got wet and we didn't know it until we tried to get going on some orders for die cuts. It's been a roller coaster of emotions for us...and me especially. I'm taking lots of deep breaths now and fighting off the bouts of panic. I get these strange surges of fear that creep in. But I know I'm not alone in feeling this way. And in general...because of some great friends...I know I'm not alone, period.

Amid all of this stormy chaos little rays of sunshine peek through. Care packages from buddies, blog readers, facebook friends. Sent to us...just because. And they couldn't be more appreciated. All I can do is cry when friends do things like this...tears of joy of course.
The candy colored coffee tin you see above is just one of a bunch of amazing gifts from our sweet friend Kelsea. It was actually included in a surprise Birthday box. 

There were so many amazing things in the box. This tin was filled with tiny treasures, art, washi tape, a candle, tiny antique frozen Charlotte dolls...gosh just so much! I love everything!!

And this adooorable little fella arrived out of the blue the other day all the way from Omaha.  He's a gift from our friend Jessi! A vintage baby planter in the form of an ice cream truck! How cute is this little thing? I actually saw this same little fella on ebay a few years ago and had it on my watch list. So it was such an amazingly fitting surprise. We will display it in our studio once things are back to normal here. Maybe fill him up with pens and markers or washi tape. I LOVE it so much! Huge smiles!

In yesterday's post I introduced you to my sweet & talented friend Jenny Elkins . I mentioned the thoughtful care package she sent our way right after the storm. Well, these darling "Little Baker" cards by Artist Mab Graves were included in that box. Could you die?! I've been a fan of Mab for a while but hadn't owned anything till now. I love love love these cards...and look at that pin and business card! :) 

Another box of donations arrived at our door the other day from Michelle of The Blackberry Briar . It was filled to the brim with all the essentials that are in such demand right now in the weeks after the storm. Cleaning supplies, toiletries, shampoo, baby powder, you name it! Also in the box were these room sprays that Michelle creates and sells. Aaron and I tested out the one named "Pucker Up" which is a lemon vanilla type scent. Just two pumps of it in the morning and 6 hrs later the room still smelled amazing as we arrived home from Aaron's parents...which is pretty amazing since our home has been moldy. Once our home is a home again I'll certainly be purchasing some of the sweet bakery type scents. 

These heartfelt gifts worked like magic on me. They are such great medicine in these unsure times. Despite the craziness, I have to admit that I do feel even more connected to my friends and loved ones than I ever have.