Friday Favorites

Hello Hello!! Oh my gosh, to say that I am happy to be back with Friday Favorites is an understatement! It has been far too long.  

Well we had some absolutley crazy warm weather...not a fan... so strange and not festive, and I feel like everyone comes down with a cold in the days after an unseasonable warm front.  But it is back to cold now...very cold. There are Christmas lights all over town...the town tree is hung with ornaments made by school children. I definitely feel more Christmas spirit in the air. People try to do what ever they can to forget all the mess and get back to normal.

The above coat is just so darling isn't it? I'm a sucker for black and cream. The big cartoon like buttons are a total plus. And that's right out of one of our paintings and totally an extension of my decor! 

I love this fringed ornament garland tutorial . I'm so down with the mixing a vintagey distressed look with dazzling metallics for the holidays. 

I've been a big big fan of Wood & Wool for some time. I first fell in love with their stools, and soon after came their trees. This one is so simple yet so charming!

This quirky and crafty wrapping from Anthropologie. Me and Aaron have done wrapping like this in the past using paint and glue over craft paper. And speaking of...if you'd like to create your own...see below!

Check out this cute and fun crochet polka dot wrapping tutorial from One Sheepish Girl.

Isn't this just so sweet & fun?  This tutorial from Katie's Pencil Box uses song lyrics to set a festive mood. We once painted a piece of furniture for someone and she wanted a snippet of the lyrics from the song "Whip It" by Devo! The lyrics were: "Get Straight, Go forward, Move ahead". Which are fitting lyrics for anytime. The possibilities are endless. This is so much fun.

I LOVE the simplicity and impact of this gold thumbtack wreath! It is just so fabulous! Everyday objects like thumbtacks getting the royal glitzy treatment.

A table runner made up of a collection of vintage doilies. To me it looks like like snowflakes falling! What a dreamy holiday centerpiece!

Ok, Thanks so so much for joining me for Friday Favorites! See you soon!
xo, Jenny