a Bobby's Burger Break

It's been a pretty hard past few weeks. In a perfect world we'd be trimming the tree and hanging garlands and lights. But instead we are on the phone with contractors that never call back, Insurance guys, Home Depot, etc... The house is reeealy cold due to no insulation underneath...the flood crept up under the house and pulled it all down...and due to all the gross water that soaked everything it's pretty stinky. With all of this going on we really were in need of a little break and some fun so Aaron and I went out with my little brother Walt & his girl Val this weekend. It's one of our fave places and we haven't been there is so so long. Bobby's Burger Palace. Bobby being Bobby Flay. 

 I just love how not formal it is there. At Bobby's you order at the counter when you walk in...they hand you your soda cups and a little number plaque. Then you pick a seat and they bring your burgers out to you. The menu is so simple. Just a handful of burgers, a couple kinds of fries, onion rings, and milk shakes. Bobby Flay's favorite food is the hamburger...so they're all his own very personal creations. When ever we go out to eat I'm always last to order. I have trouble with decisions. At Bobby's I falter between the Crunch Burger and the Bobby Blue. But I ended up going with my go-to : the crunch burger, which is topped with double cheese and potato chips.

BBP serves up some pretty outrageous milkshakes which Aaron can never pass up. As much of a foodie as I am I just can't get myself to do it. I think I'd need to be rolled out the door. Not to say I don't steal a few sips! Super rich and thick... Aar got vanilla bean. And for those who like to really party they serve up spiked milkshakes as well! yowza!

 I love love french fries, but if onion rings are an option...and big crazy amazing ones at that...well then sign me up! These things are just insane! Just one is as big as a burger!

We joked that this would be crazy blurry. Walt took the pic, and we have flash backs to a past visit with the entire family where my Dad took the pic and we are all just blurred faces.

Walt & Val. I love these guys. Best little brother ever!

And here is the very start to a huge nightmare...ha! This is the kitchen floor... right below what was once our "coffee station". All of it will be coming up, including the subfloor. Repairs straight through to under the house where we will be doing some intense cleaning, stabilizing and, insulating. What holiday FUN! ;)

But as I said before...we got off easy. So many people lost absolutely everything. I hope to be able to justly chronicle the repairs here on the blog. And we'll definitely make sure that this won't just be about repairing...but Improving! 

Thanks so much again for reading! xo, Jenny