In the bedroom, and in the news...

Our Thanksgiving was really really nice. We made the long trek across town (5 whole minutes!) to spend the day at Aaron's parents house. Aar's mom Barb makes a great spread. This was the first year without Mom Mom, Aaron's grandmother. Sad to think about...but Aaron's dad Skip kept things happy and light by carrying a framed photo of Mom Mom and the grandkids room to room with us. She got the spot at the end of the table, watched some football with was a great dinner and felt really good to just sit back for a while with family. 

Back home in our new bedroom. Nothing is hung up yet. But I love seeing little bits gathered. Some ideas for color and mood. I'm going with simple and spare. But right now we've got far too much on our plates to worry about decorating the bedroom. I know it will happen soon enough. At this point I'm just so happy to be up there. The new cozy nest is such great medicine right now. So comfortable and calm. 

It really is incredible to see what a little paint, some new curtains, a candle, and carpet can do. I'm so thankful for the little things.

It was so great to see this article in the newspaper on Thanksgiving morning... in New Jersey's Star Ledger. The article is also online. It's a story about me and Aaron and this little blog and the awareness raised about those suffering in the aftermath of hurricane Sandy. It's just such a great tribute to the amazing generous kind people who have sent support and continue to send support. We will continue to do our part and spread the love that comes our way. 

It's so weird to take pictures of yourself. I never ever do. This is me...awkward, weird me. I see these and I ask myself: do I really look like that? I don't remember making those strange faces? 

I promise I wasn't about to cry here although it may look like it...ha! Those eyes...they look worried or concerned. But how about my hair bow?! Isn't it lovely? It's by Sunshine & Carousels. I adore evvverything Erin makes! 

Ok, that's all for now! I hope you had a lovely holiday and have a fantastic weekend.
xo, Jenny