Benjamin Moore Color Chats

Hello sweet friends! I'm stealing a moment away from cleaning and scrubbing and organizing to share some happy stuff! It couldn't have come at a better time! I think it may help to balance the scales a bit. We've been needing a bit of sunshine over here.  I am beyond honored to be featured on Benjamin Moore's Color Chats today. Our dear and longtime friend Jane Dagmi approached me with this super fun story idea. Rather than give it all away here I'd love for you to click over and read it for yourself!  Jane is one of the  most talented and beautiful ( inside and out) people we know! We met her over a decade ago when we owned a store. She was the Editor at large for Country Living magazine at the time. We had so much fun working with her over the years on some really fab projects.  

I'm overcome with emotion right now.  Hard to put to words. The photo above was taken only a day or two before Sandy hit. We had no idea what would be heading our way. Those walls and floors will all need to be redone. But this little article just fills me with such hope and determination and love among a bajillion other things. It's a little reminder of who I am, who I was before the storm. Because I tell you...I am changed forever. I hope to think that it is for the better. 
A Huge thank you to Jane. I love her to bits and this was a gift today.

And thank you to you dear readers for visiting me and checking on me and thinking of me!

Love from the NJ Shore!
xo Jenny