Friday Favorites

Here we are...Friday! And yes, the week zoomed by for us. We have packing and shipping materials all over the place. The studio has bubbled over into the living space and nearly every flat surface has become a temporary work station of some sort. Some for wrapping boxes, some for drying paint, some for hammering brackets onto the backs of would all be very efficient if we didn't also have to live here. But I'm thrilled to have finished some larger projects as well as a bunch of orders this week. I can happily report that almost all of the pieces that we were feverishly completing over the past several days are already hanging on walls in their new homes. And one order we're especially excited about was for a long time collector of our work: Lochel's Bakery, who are celebrating their 70th Anniversary this Saturday!! That makes us so happy! A third generation bakery! We are honored to be a part of the look of their business and it's so cool that they ordered a bunch of die cuts and signs in order to dress up their bakery for the big celebration. If we were a bit closer we'd be there to celebrate with them! Anyone in the Hatboro P.A. area, be sure to pop in and have a cupcake for us! :)

I wish I could say that we had some dreamy Fall daytrip planned for this weekend, but alas, we'll be in the studio working away on a ridiculously long list of things. But you can bet that there will be cups of tea, good music, and some baking happening.  And in October the TV gods often bestow us with great horror movie marathons. Speaking of...Oh my gosh!...The Walking Dead is back in less than 2 weeks!! We've been counting down the days! Simply cannot wait! Same goes for The Talking Dead...which is the Chris Hardwick hosted talk show that immediately follows The Walking Dead. Yes, we are mega geeks for this stuff! :) 

Alrighty, enough scuttlebutt, how about some Friday Favorites?

Will you get a load of the house above! It's images like this that remind me that the world is a place worth working really hard for. This is The Polka Dot House as seen in Life Magazine April 14, 1952. Further proof that the world wasn't actually in Black & White in the 50's! Well it was until the owner of this house in Rhode Island decided otherwise. He said he had painted his house black with a white chimney and afterwards he looked at it and said it felt much too somber. So he did what me and Aaron do almost every single day of the week...he added colorful polka dots! How fun!

I'm not embarrassed to admit that I'm vertically challenged. So when I shop for shoes I'm only looking at the variety that come with an additional 3 inches. These striped platforms certainly fit the bill! I can envision the countless outfits that these would boost (literally! ha!). 

I adore these teapot wall hooks . It's simple but fantastic ideas that make up great decor. Taking everyday objects and making them into fun conversation pieces is a great talent. 

Can you imagine if you tossed a ball of yarn? This is like the ultimate calm before the storm. How in the world did they capture 7 kittens with their paws on the rail all at once?!

Again, this sweater just makes me think of Art Journaling! Am I nuts? It's like a hand carved rubber stamp! I adore it! I'd probably wear it with a black bubble skirt, black tights and some of those three inch platforms I adore so much! :)

Ok, thats all for Friday Favorites. It's time to get back to those multiple work stations! Thanks again for checking in...see you soon!
xo, Jenny