Friday Favorites

Just about anything and everything that I do is Holiday one way or another. But this little collection of Friday Favorites is especially so. Halloween is near & dear to my close it is to my birthday, and it's also right in the middle of this glorious season so rich with color and romance. And being that this is the last Friday that I'll have before the magical and mystical All Hallows Eve, I figured I'd share the love. 

To start with are these delicate doilies, framed and matted in black. Lovingly crocheted by the skilled hands of someone's Great Granny, I love their almost spider web like appearance. 

This chocolate tuxedo pie with pecan crust was double take worthy. Aaron was rushing around, looking for packing material or something, and as he was walking past me behind the couch, he could see my screen. I heard his feet screech to a halt on the wood floor and he reversed two steps to grab a second look. I have a long list of recipes that I "must make", but seriously, this one is a "must must make"! I'll be turning my kitchen into a black tie affair one of these Autumn evenings.

You know how much I adore old photos. They are way up at the top of my favorite collectibles list. And to narrow the list even further...old "Holiday" photos make me melt! Black & white shots of the family Christmas tree, oh jeez...the aluminum trees from the 1950's are to die and their Easter baskets, holding stuffed bunnies...and I especially love old Halloween photos like this , kids in their costumes, they often have a creepy quality and the creepiness wasn't on purpose. Like this was just two girls in their pretty dresses, showing off their homemade masks...but the sepia tone, the age of the pic, and that barnyard shack in this rural setting just creeps me out. I love it!

This photo made me laugh out loud. Seriously. I'm telling myself that the dog has a great sense of humor! Like he is fully aware of the joke. I'd like to imagine that he planned this out...his mom & dad entering the room to find him just like this...LOL!  

I adore these earrings from Luminoddities.
They're made from real, antique tintype images. Again, the age of the images, and the careful cropping just make them creepy. All we see is a single hand...his and hers.I really could plan am entire outfit around these. I love the time worn brass and the black buttons. Perfect accessories for a Hallowe'en get together.

And at last, I LOVE these! I'm sure you can use them all year round, but to me they scream Halloween. A super simple diy craft. Take a pic of your house, or find an old pic, or take a pic of the spookiest house in town, even is you have to transform it into a spooky could start out baby pink...all you have to do is print it out sepia toned! I just love how they glow. You can make a tiny village on a windowsill. 

Ok, thanks again for stopping in to see my Friday Favorites. I wish you all a happy weekend!
xo, Jenny