bits of life

 I'm so happy to see that you guys are going to be following along with our kitchen makeover. Thanks so much for the words of encouragement regarding the previous post about my dream kitchen. This will be a period of sustained excitement...I can't imagine that we'll lose momentum on a project such as this. We hope to start with some paint within the next 2 weeks. And I'll be sharing all that good stuff with you guys...the nitty gritty and itty bitty details...paint swatches, lighting options, fab flea market finds, turning trash into treasure with some paint and TLC. I'm totally ready to talk HOUSE!

It's a rainy day here, one of our first chilly mornings of the season, and we got cozy on the couch with some hot tea. When we first moved in last winter I told you guys about our "coffee/tea/cocoa station"...our little island of happy, homey sanity amid the chaos. I think we've officially bid farewell to our iced coffee mornings. Now it's time to sample some of our fave Fall teas. Aaron bought a couple boxes of our good ol' standby's: English Breakfast and Chai...but we'd love to try some new varieties and brands. I know there must be some tea connoisseurs reading this. I think I can hear your spoons tinkling. So please, if you have any suggestions...we'd love to hear about them!

In the winter a gray day can be utterly depressing...but in the Fall, it's my favorite weather. I love starting the day out with the windows the air is chilly enough to warrant a sweater. Just outside the window there are squirrels gathering fact, I found some nut shells on the front steps yesterday. Just one more indication that it's time for my Fave Fall Fashion! Anthropologie's Fall catalog has arrived. What a dreamy little book. I still have every single one of them going back to the very first! 

We have been blessed with some of the most awesome collectors of our work. Fantastic people who have been supporting us and what we do for years. Owners of Bakeries and Cafe's, and sweet souls who celebrate everyday at home!  
Currently, we're busy making, and painting, and filling orders. The studio is pretty crazy right now. Since all of the table space seems to be occupied with one project or another we took to having to pack up our shipments on the floor...which means lots and lots of help from these little guys...

Each pup has got his own little packing day quirk. "Little" loves sitting on boxes when they are still flat...and when you try to slide it out from under him he'll look at you like "Mom, this is MY box...I'm sitting on this." 
And then there's Carlos. He's all about the brown paper or tissue paper or newsprint. He loves to get buried under big piles of these.

Look how "Little" is sitting...side saddle! He makes me laugh so much. And that lily white chest! He looks so naked. No collar or shirt!  He somehow always smells clean laundry! Why is he always so fresh smelling? Is it the white hair? His brother on the other hand, can sometimes smell like popcorn or corn chips! 

Speaking's the crazy old guy...who thinks this camera is out to steal his soul. I wish you could have seen this scenario play out. I go right with the camera...he looks left. I go left...he looks right. It is pure comedy! 

So daddy had to scoop him up and make him surrender to the evil lens. He won't even look up! Haha...what a NUT!

And a hello hello to you! I'm a bit of a camera shy type of gal...but I snapped this pic to send to Marie...who sent me this adorable bow! Jeez, get a load of my very clean, just blow-dried puffy pink head! 

Tomorrow will be a day of working on orders. Packing and shipping...oh, but that's not all. I almost forgot...we'll be Art Journaling as well! I'm so excited to work in our Fall Journal. We've got absolutely Nothing planned. We are just gonna sit down with a pile of pretty and inspiring papers, along with some other tids and bits...and just let it happen! That's the best way to go about it! 
See you guys Thursday!

xo Jenny