bits of life

It's so chilly this weekend...coldest yet of the season. We finally caved and had to turn on the heat. It's funny how the dogs instantly change their behaviors due to the cold. Normally Carlos is our shadow...from the second we wake up it seems like he is under foot. But more than a few times this weekend he opted to curl up under blankets instead...and "little" remained in his bed which sits on the floor just in front of the nightstand.  

All I can think about is moving upstairs now. It can't happen fast enough. I cannot wait to have a larger bedroom. I've been dreaming and pinning. I decided to go with a new look and color palette. As much as I love the aqua and sepia that we've had in the past two bedrooms...I'm really into grey right now. I think it will be soothing and sleep inducing, like on rainy days when you don't want to get out of bed.  

I took part of Saturday afternoon to empty the master bedroom and sweep it out. The carpet got pulled out months ago and what remains is some old faux wood grain linoleum. I'd love to do wood flooring but it isn't in the budget right now. I considered painting the linoleum but I think we're gonna do carpet. We've always had wood floors in our bedroom since our very first apartment but when we moved into this house we had to quickly make our temporary room comfy. So we went with some carpet tiles, which were really really easy and affordable...and it turns out that the pups loved it!  It's the only room with carpeting. The carpet tiles aren't super fabulous but we finished the room in a weekend. So I think we're gonna give the pups what they want and I've been looking at some carpet tile options for our new bedroom.

I'm planning some kitchen make over projects and pulled out some of my favorite vintage baking books for inspiration. I just love the kooky illustrations in the 60's books. Though I'm more of a 40's - 50's gal. As much as I'd love to dive right in on the kitchen, it looks like the bedroom is first up. And then we'll be making our old bedroom into our studio. It's easy for me to get overwhelmed and a bit anxious when I think about how much we need to do all while running our business and while taking care of daily life stuff. It's all about making lists and checking things off. So...first and second on the list are carpet tiles and paint for the new bedroom.

If you follow our weekly Art Journaling class you know that I adore vintage photos. My "Instant Ancestors". I have tins and boxes full of them. Along with old handwritten letters, and greeting cards, and postcards. I was digging through them today and planning some projects.

And speaking of projects...ohh my gosh I am soo excited about a super fun tutorial we'll be sharing very soon. I just had to share this little sneak peek.  :)  

And as many of you may already's the BIG day!! The Walking Dead is back tonight! Hooooray! I am so so excited! Will you be watching? Have you been waiting for any shows to come back?

Hope you had a great weekend!
Thanks so much for popping in!
xo Jenny