So, let me tell you about my new bag...

Ok, so this past Friday Favorites I shared an adorable pink bag with you (no I haven't ordered it...still debating the whole pink thing.) I also mentioned that I recently purchased a new aqua bag. Well here it is!
 At the core I'm a gal who really only carries a black bag...though I do have two really well loved classic leopard print bags I turn to for Fall. ( I view leopard as a neutral...almost an equivalent to black) Gosh I think I got the leopard print bags at Banana Republic yeeeeears ago. Anyways, I've been looking to expand my palette a bit but not by much...just looking to get a bag in one of my forever and ever mainstay colors...and that is Aqua. In my search for the perfect aqua handbag I came across this one on Ruche and I was sooo excited! It's called the Ocean Romance Purse. Described as having impossibly soft pebbled faux leather with a spacious interior...both of these details would make my ideal bag checklist . And the color was perfection. And the price was great. So...I ordered it! And you know me. Little Miss Frugal. It was bound to become my FAVE bag ever!

It arrived...and ohh is BIG! And yes, very very soft! The color is BEAUTIFUL! Lots of pockets and the optional shoulder strap is fantastic. Doesn't this all sound like I'm setting you guys up for a "but..."?

If you said'd be correct. There is a "but...". And this is it...This tricky little BRAT of a zipper!! I wasn't able to zip it past that crooked "tooth". Overall, the zipper itself seems quite chinsy. So I'm really torn here. I LOOOVE the bag! But the zipper is a lemon. And I'm thinking that this may happen to anyone who orders this bag...not like mine is faulty. The fault is in the cheap quality of the zipper.  So if I send the bag back, and exchange it for another one...I really think this may happen again.
 So what do I do? Just live with it...and not zip it all the way closed? As I type this my face is all crinkled and squinched up like a disappointed 6 year old. I've googled "fixing" zippers...but geez. That's a whole other can o' worms. What do you guys think? Jeez, what a beautiful bummer.

Random...but I am psyched about the show REVOLUTION starting tonight. Aaron and I have high hopes.

xo Jenny