Friday Favorites

This was definitely one of those Thank Goodness its Friday weeks. For us it started with a power outage that lasted two days. It's unbelievable how far you can fall behind in that relatively short period of time. But when you work from home and there is no power, the inconveniences are endless. It's the one and only time when you wish you had an office to go see people commuting to work and you're thinking "what lucky ducks!" Ok, ok, maybe I'm exaggerating a bit with that "lucky ducks" statement. But darn it was hot and sticky...a couple work days at an AC'd office mighta felt good. 
Our line of work really requires electricity. There's the whole computer part of it...which is a HUGE part...being that the internet is our only window to the world. And then there is the making art part of our day...which even if we eliminated the aspects that require power tools...(ya know, for cutting the wood for our plaques and die cuts)...and we just did the work that only utilizes good old fashioned paints and brushes...we still can't do it without electric light. Candles and flashlights just don't cut it.
Anyway, it's great to be back online, back on the grid, plugged in, and all lit up. I know it was only two days without electric, but it really frayed my nerves ( I mean, I'm not dealing with the most sturdy nerves to begin with!) We're now in the process of getting caught up and back on schedule. So symbolically, these Friday Favorites are really making me happy. They indicate a return to the norm.

I adore this neon pink macrame plant hanger you see above. It totally brings me back to the 80's...when I'd visit my uncle and his girlfriend's apartment...macrame everywhere...tons of plants...that whole late 70's early 80's earthy bohemian style. The neon pink is a pretty fabulous update. Love it!

Pattern Wall Tiles by Jim Houser brings the mixed-media artist's painting (drips and all) to your walls. Imagine having this wall in your home?! You just need one wall and it would MAKE the place.


It looks like an ordinary throw away plastic bag, but it's actually made of bridal organza and that's real   deal embroidery. This bag is by Lauren Dicioccio. I love when high quality materials and labor intensive methods are used to create ordinary looking everyday objects.

I love this lamp  that looks like a giant hunk of faceted gold. It's primitive and futuristic at the same time. Like when you watch sci fi movies from the 60's. And as far as decor goes...a pop of metallic gold is necessary in any room.

Oh Iris! She is like no other! This Maysles film (a bit of it can be seen here: IRIS APFEL PROMO from Laura Coxson on Vimeo) is sure to become part of my collection. Iris Apfel belongs to that small elite group of New York City tastemakers who have made the fashion world what it is today. What a worthy film subject for the legendary Albert Maysles.

Ok, thanks for stopping by for some Friday Favorites Fun! I gotta get to work at trying to get those two lost days back. I'm feeling creative and need to make some stuff! See you very soon!
xo, Jenny