Friday Favorites

This week's checklist was extra long. So many loose ends that needed tying up, and a handful of new projects that needed to be started. Aaron had caught a terrible stomach bug and has been down for the count the past two days. Which really pushes the pause button for us. Any of you self employed folks can surely identify. When you are already doing the job of 3 people and  "3 others" call out sick, it's just plain ol' nuts! I attempted to pack and ship some orders today only to find that our printer was out of ink...womp womp. Adding another day to the delay. And our bubbling over emails are another story entirely. I am really hoping to get fully caught up on that sort of thing this weekend. (If you are waiting on an email from me, I promise that you will be hearing back super soon)   :)

I really look forward to not only getting caught up on things, but starting some much needed organization here in the house. My sister should be fully moved out and in to her new place very soon, which starts our shifting and settling over here.  I really am looking forward to that! We'll be moving the studio and we'll fiiiiiinally be upstairs! Really looking forward to a larger bedroom and more closet space!

So, Hooray for Friday!  Let the weekend begin...with some Friday Favorites!

I'm a sucker for garlands and this Fall felt ball garland tutorial couldn't be more charming! The above photo really brings me back to elementary school and the excitement I had for classroom decor! I remember volunteering to change out the bulletin board each month...adding a new calendar and that awesome scalloped corrugated trim that came in all colors of the rainbow! Oh gosh I loved that stuff! Did I ever tell you guys that one of my favorite places to shop when I was a kid was a teacher's supply store? I couldn't believe that we civilians had access to giant George Washington heads, and "learn to tell time" clocks, and "professional" chalk.

 Ah the memories! Wax paper and crayon leaves were one of my absolute favorite Fall art projects. I remember making them year after year hanging them in the windows of the classroom. I loved seeing them when we went out for recess. Looking back at my classroom from the playground...picking out my own.  This is such a timeless and happy project. I'll be digging out my crayolas for these!

I love the idea of pumpkins as vessels. This is such a lovely little centerpiece for the dining room table or entryway. I think I would use one of those carvable foam pumpkins that are easily found at craft stores. That way it will last all season...September through Thanksgiving. 

Of course this room isn't "move in ready" for me. That big white wall could certainly use a cluster of framed florals, (maybe some vintage paint by numbers) but as a starting point these colors are just WOW! A bit outside my box, but the mustard yellow and berry shades are just so warm and inviting. Especially for Fall. And I love the layered rug look. 

Once September hits I'm really looking to "feel" the change of season. But I don't want to be all pumpkined out by mid October. I really like the idea of this Pumpkin Icebox Cake. It's more than dipping your toe in...but not a full on swim...ya know?  I'm planning on making it,  and then laying off the pumpkin. I'm onto apples! :)

Happy Friday friends!
xo Jenny