Acini di Pepe Chicken Salad

When I was in college one of my fab freshman roommates
had a mom with a fabulous chicken salad recipe.
It is a party in your mouth with the perfect blend of 
salty (cashews) and sweet (grapes) with some fun texture
going on with the acini di pepe pasta that is cooked in chicken bouillon.

PARTY IN YOUR MOUTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It's your lucky day because I'm sharing this fab recipe with you today.
It's the perfect dish to serve at a luncheon or a baby shower.
You'll get lots of compliments.
My roommate's family ate it on rolls . . . if I remember right . . .
I could be making that up, but it's good nonetheless.

I always double the grapes and cashews,
but that's because they're my favorite part - you can stick to the
recipe if you're a stickler that way:)
You can download the recipe card {HERE}