a little Fall Candle Haul!

I've mentioned it on more than a few occasions...I am not a big $pender. Quite tight with the buck actually. It has to be something really incredible or one of a kind, or a really great deal for me to throw money around. Being tight with the buck and being a big time collector makes my collections that much more precious. I find that it only makes me appreciate what I do have even more. I've been collecting most of my favorite things for well over 18 years and nothing was got all in one shot. I'll come across an absolute treasure that I've been coveting for years and I'm instantly thrown into turmoil...debating with myself over whether I should spend the money or not. I do not know the definition of "impulse buy". In my crazy brain I will have board meetings, power point presentations with pie charts and bar graphs, I'll poll multiple demographics, take surveys, have petitions signed, bills ratified...and then...just maybe...will I shell out the ten bucks for a vintage doll head. Sure, I would adore to be able to walk into an antique shop, come upon an entire case devoted to my beloved pastel paper mache rabbit candy containers from the 40s and 50s, and buy the entire lot of them. But in order for that dream to happen, two requirements must be met...there better be one heck of a crazy sale...and I just so happen to win the lottery. I've collected my bunnies one by one over years of scouring ebay. It's the thrill of the hunt. These days my bunnies can go for over 100 dollars each on ebay...which is so so wild being that I found many for about $7.00! 

I find that the one thing I will splurge on is candles. And if I'm not able to buy them at the moment I'm hoping that some occasion for gift receiving is on the near horizon ; ) I always ask for candles for my birthday or Christmas or our Anniversary. Candles have always been a quick fix for a bad day or for anytime that I need a little escape. I burn them sparingly...when I know I can get lost for a bit. Great music, a clean work space, some favorite supplies, and a good candle...pretty much perfect day!
Fall is my absolute favorite time of year. Windows are open and breezes carry the scents of fallen foliage and cool damp grass. And in the world of candles Fall scents are my favorite. Pumpkin, apple, with a touch of spice and a layer of vanilla or cream...all that good stuff. After suffering a super duper hot and humid summer I'm looking to usher in Fall on the fast track. To help it along I just had to treat myself ( and Aaron) to some Fall scents to welcome the new season. 

Here is what I got:

A medley of ripe delicious apples, red berries and golden nectar.

A warm blend of marshmallows, smoldering woods and creamy vanilla.

A cozy concoction of spiced pumpkin cupcake, rich buttercream and frosted ginger.

A vanilla cake donut covered in sugar crystals and a kiss of crushed cinnamon.

A crisp, golden, fresh-baked baguette.

So far I have only burned Pumpkin Cupcake which I LOVE! It has a fantastic throw! It fills our home. Aaron took a ride, I lit it when he was gone, and when he came home only a few minutes later he couldn't believe the amazing aroma. Personally, I am blown away by French Baguette. It is incredibly unique, and dead on! The idea of it seems a bit odd and by name you'd assume it to be a kitchen scent. But even before burning it just seems like such a homey cozy type scent. Strange, but I love it! It is part of the new From Paris With Love Collection. Speaking of...I am really curious about the Sweet  Macaron! I may add it to my Birthday wish list ; )

I adore Bath & Body works for candles. And they always have such great sales. When I ordered these, the large 3 wicks were 2 for $20.00. ( I always wait for the 2-for sale) And currently the minis are 2 for $5.00. 

I'm really excited for this season and I just had to share : )
 Are you guys big candle fans? What are your favorites? 
xo Jenny