lost & found

 Time really flies. In December it will be an entire year that we're living here in the house. I'm sure I've mentioned that we still have so many of our things still packed away in moving boxes. We had plans to move from our tiny temporary bedroom to the master bedroom upstairs. But my sister moved back from Brooklyn and needed a place to stay for a while. So we hit the pause button for about 5+ months, and now she just found her own place and will be making that move within the month, which means a big game of tetris again! We'll finally get the chance to unpack everything and really really organize. Any of you that are self employed and work from home know what a challenge it is to keep the kitchen the kitchen, and the living room the living room. Somehow we end up blurring all lines. When we say that we work from home...we mean it. We work from ALL over the home! It's near impossible to keep work relegated to the studio. I really hope to get it under control at some point. I think having totally separate spaces for working and for living will also have a positive mental influence. Maybe we'll be able to actually feel the difference between work time and downtime. But even with the studio in perfect working order I think we might hold onto the coffee table habit. I love clearing it off and laying out all of my favorite bits to art journal, or paint, or craft. It makes the work feel more relaxed and it makes the tv watching feel more productive.

Just the other day I was thinking about our last apartment. It was tiny but cute. The second floor in a really old house with great moldings and textured walls, wood floors, and lots of windows that faced every direction on the compass. We had a cute studio space, which happened to be a really bright room and faced the street. But we just never felt that it had the right creative vibe. So again, we would end up packing up all of our supplies and bits and rolling carts and stools and dragging them down the hall to the living room.   

While thinking about the old place and the living room, I remembered some favorite bits that I haven't seen since the move. Which sent me searching high and low. Just when I was about to give up the search I remembered that I had tucked the tiny treasures into one of my vintage jewelry boxes! When I opened the box you'd swear I just found a winning lottery ticket...ok well maybe a $20.00 scratch off.  Hooray! My tiny doll shoezies, a little Charlotte doll head, itty bitty aqua Christmas balls, this pretty pink crocheted collar, and the sweetest little baby pin. To say that its a thrill to be seeing these things again is an understatement. For a moment there I had that terrible sinking feeling like I'd never see them again. 

Ohh I had to share this! Look what I spied in Aaron's Art Journal! Ohh geez!! He had left this out to dry when he came to bed, and I found it today.  This is so so fun! What does he have planned for this page?! I hope he paints himself too!  Part of me says...geez...he's painting a portrait in a marble notebook? But then I say...heck yes!! Why not in a marble notebook?! He's so so talented. I wish I could paint people like him. 

Well this is a bit of what's going on over here. Hope you guys are enjoying the rest of your weekend!
Thanks bunches for popping in!
xo Jenny