Geneva State Park (OH)

July 31-Aug 2, 2012
(Only stayed two nights but wished for longer.  Maybe next time!)

Geneva, OH
Geneva State Park (OH) site 56

We left Niagara and traveled with Dan and Tricia to Geneva State Park in Ohio.  Since we were all headed south in the coming weeks, we thought it would be nice to travel together.  We decided on this cg because it was on Lake Erie and within our driving range of close to 200 miles.  We had 50 amp and had to put water in our tank since there was no hookup at the sites.  The shade was very welcomed.
Geneva State Park (OH) 
Dan at Lake Erie-Geneva State Park (OH)  Tricia, Gin and Dan at Lake Erie-Geneva State Park (OH)

One of the delights of this cg was the paved bike path that goes along Lake Erie and into the quaint little resort town of Geneva-on-the-Lake.  We all pedaled in to town one afternoon and enjoyed some unhealthy eating.  Burger, fries and ice cream served up 50’s style.  We figured that we would have to pedal a lot to burn up some of those calories.
Bike path by Lake Erie-Geneva State Park (OH)  Bike path by Lake Erie-Geneva State Park (OH)

This is a nice state park with a resort lodge and marina on the grounds.  I’m glad that there are some states that think it’s worth saving and promoting their natural resources for everyone to enjoy.  Gin’s checking up on Neptune.
Geneva State Park Marina (OH)

Thanks for dropping by and enjoy each day of your life’s journey by finding beauty in the ordinary.