Friday Favorites

Happy Friday kids! So who else had a mega busy week? Yowza! Aaron and I finished up some pretty big tasks and started a bunch of little ones, what else is new? ;)   We had a great time putting together this week's AJ with J&A and are already gearing up for next week's. And we have a handful of super fun & cute tutorials planned for September that I think you'll really like. Gosh, I am so so ready for fall! I've been pinning lots and lots of Pumpkin recipes. Everything from Pumpkin Toffee Cheesecake ...Geez Louise! to Aunt Ruthie’s Butter-Crunch Pumpkin Bars, to Pumpkin Ice Cream! Oh yes and fabulous sweaters, and pretty Autumn scenery as well.  I mentioned that I'm an October baby right? :)

I'm totally ready for the weekend, ready for some baking, and organizing, and some movie watching. And of course blog hopping and wish list making. Speaking of...

This dress from Marc by Marc Jacobs is so up my alley. Totally channels my inner Wednesday Addams. I always go for black with sweet white collars. Part uniform, part storybook. Not for everyone...but this style really seems to be a go-to for me.  If I could sew you can bet I'd have a closet FULL of them.  Oh and I'm only dreaming far as owning this, well till money grows on trees.

I just adore this print. My current sentiments exactly!

This adorable DIY bunny pinata stole my heart! I would love to make one to hang in the studio! Isn't it beyond cute? 

This porcelain ring is too darn cool! It's like a gum ball machine prize for grown ups! : )

This kitschy & sparkly planter makes me really really happy.  When Aaron and I had an antique booth (years ago) we'd always come across these super fun "JUNK" items...most of the time vases. I used to scour ebay for them...and wow some went for a ton! Such cool time capsule pieces! 

Okie Dokie... Let the weekend begin!!
XO Jenny