Athens PA (Watkins Glen, Susquehanna, Thumbsucking, and a Surprise Visitor)

July 17-23, 2012
(My next few posts will go back in time to wrap up the highlights of the past few weeks.  Between being busy, blog lazy, and poor internet connection, I’ve fallen behind quite a bit.)

We enjoyed a tourist day with Dan and Tricia by going to Watkins Glen NY.  Dan drove the Suki since he is familiar with the roads.  That sure was nice.  We first did a quick ride to see Watkins Glen Raceway for all you racing fans.  It was closed for a car club (Porsche) to use so we didn’t really see too much.  Next we enjoyed a picnic on the shore of Seneca Lake which is one of the Finger Lakes in NY.  It was a very hot day but there was a nice cool breeze coming off of the deep water.
Seneca Lake looking back at Watkins Glen NY  Dan on the jetty at Seneca Lake

Our next stop that day was Watkins Glen State Park.  We parked in the main lot along with a few hundred other folks and walked along the Gorge walkway.  It was a nice cool breeze there at times also.
Watkins Glen State Park NY  Gin, Tricia and Dan at Watkins Glen NY

I absolutely love waterfalls so you know I fell in love with this spot.  There are several waterfalls along Glen Creek which formed this Gorge thousands of years ago.
Watkins Glen NY waterfall Watkins Glen NY Watkins Glen NY waterfall
Glen Creek cutting the Gorge Watkins Glen NY waterfalls Watkins Glen Gorge

Dan enjoyed walking the whole trail while the rest of us went at a much more relaxed pace.  He found the Suspension Bridge first but Tricia and I found it also.  Unfortunately, Gin got a little overheated and went back to the car for some ice water (that darn MS).
Dan on the suspension bridge  Looking down from the Suspension Bridge

On another day of this enjoyable visit, we floated on the Susquehanna River right from the family farm.  It was not nearly as touristy which was fine with us.  We enjoyed holding on to Dan and Tricia’s Paddleski since he had put a trolling motor on it.  I call it “Dangineering”.
Paddleskis ready  Dangineered paddleski
Floating down the Susquehanna  Just Floatin'

We saw about eight Bald Eagles flying along the shore.  Some of you might think that we saw the same bird eight times but we actually did see three at one time so I know it was a good number of them.
Bald Eagle on Susquehanna  Bald Eagle on Susquehanna

On the last day of our visit, we all went to a working dairy farm.  Dan’s friend Doug had invited us over to see some of their new calves and get our thumbs sucked.  Boy, they have some powerful suction!
Curious One  Thumbsucker!

I love animals but I’m not real comfortable around the big ones.  Horses make me nervous but I had to rub this beauty.  I also had a chance to mike a cow without getting kicked!  Thanks Doug!
Horses make me nervous  I milked a cow!

While sitting outside on the morning of our last day, we enjoyed the wildlife.  There was always a hawk squawking, a deer grazing, or a chipmunk running around.
Pauline and Dan  Chipmunk

I don’t know how Pauline managed it but she had a surprise visitor show up for us.  Running up one of her driveways and through her back yard was a Black Bear.  I had our little camera out so we have proof (click the pic to enlarge).
Bear!! P1000020

It ran right by the blackberries which is where Dan and his mom were at the time.  Dan had seen one earlier in the week during a morning walk.

We thoroughly enjoyed our time here with great friends and their family.  It’s a very nice community and we felt very welcomed.  I love the summer weather but I think the winters would be a bit too cold for us.

This shot is especially for Tumbleweed.
The End.