Trying to beat the heat...

Oh my gosh guys! It is SO Hot! 
Even my eyeballs are hot! We have central air here in the house, but, and it's a big but...we need to replace the attic fan before we use it! So it's just a floor fan and window fan in the living room and studio till then. Our bedroom has A/C, Thank Goodness! I think I'd just die if that wasn't the case.  

This sort of heat just stops you in your tracks. You find yourself saying..."Wait, what was I doing? Wait, what was I saying? Wait, where was I going?" My only saving grace is dipping away into my bedroom to breathe and think like a human being for a few minutes here and there.  

Me, Aaron and the pups decided to just surrender and "pretend" the heat doesn't own us. So we started a project I have had in mind for a few months. (It'll be a tutorial too) We have a small wall in the studio that needed a little bit of "happy".  So far I think it's going to fit that bill! We hope to have it finished by tomorrow night.  I'm excited about it. :)

(As you can see, these guys are of no help. )

We are also pretty excited about The Walking Dead Season 3 preview tomorrow night! Eee! Anyone else?

Ohh..and these are so getting made this weekend! 

Okie doke, just wanted to pop in and say hello! Hope you guys are keeping cool and enjoying your weekend!

Love from the NJ Shore!
xo Jenny