playing with paint

Hey guys! 
I'm happy to report that it was a bit cooler here on the NJ Shore today! A big hooray! Thanks to those who sent me some virtual cooler weather. ;)

And thanks bunches for the excitement about our little wall painting project. I'm really excited to show it to you guys! We have a few things to finish up tonight and I'll be sharing the tutorial tomorrow.  I'm really happy with it! I think you guys will like it too. :)

Thanks to the not so awful temp I was able to sit down to do some painting today. If you've been following my blog for a while you may know that my "personal" style of painting is far more abstract than what we do for our "business".  I really love the freedom of it. No rules, no set outcome. Just color, and vibe, and fun. I refer to these paintings of mine as "day dreams". And they really really are. I know they may look like blobs and streaks and blurs, and splotches...but to me...they are the temperature of the motel room in Wildwood, or the scent of a Pina Colada, or the feeling of sand between my toes.  I really try not to judge these pieces. It's such a different part of my brain and soul. When Aaron and I sit down to design things for our shop, we are thinking of a target market...of the homes or business they will hang in, or if the colors are marketable. These on the other hand are just for me. :) It is so important for self supporting artists and crafters to find artsy ways to make themselves happy...with no pressure. Painting and Art Journaling are my little escapes.

How about you? Do you create just for YOU? I'd love to hear/see!

Okie doke...I'll be back tomorrow! Thanks for visiting!
xo Jenny